Is my graphics card upgradable?

  puma377 20:05 08 Sep 2011

I have an HP Media Centre 2002 version it has the following specifications Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP, 32-bit (Service Pack 3) DirectX version: 9.0 GPU processor: GeForce 6200 LE Driver version: 280.26 DirectX support: 9.0c Core clock: 350 MHz Memory clock: 550 MHz (1100 MHz data rate) Memory interface: 64-bit Memory: 512 MB Memory type: DDR2Video BIOS version: IRQ: 16 Bus: PCI Express x16 Can I upgrade graphics card so games run more smoothly, and if so any suggestions? Thanks

  letsgetrdy 20:12 08 Sep 2011

Yes, it is upgradable and any PCI Express graphics card will work. How much are you looking to spend? 8800GTs can be had for £30-40 now and would give you a HUGE boost in graphical power.

  puma377 20:31 08 Sep 2011

I'm hoping to spend less than £100 for a decent(ish) card. I need at least Recommended Specifications:

• MS Windows XP/Vista • DirectX 9.0c • Processor 3 GHz • RAM 2 Gb • Videocard nVidia GeForce 7950GT with 512 Mb or equivalent ATI • DirectX-compatible soundcard • DVD-ROM • 5,5 Gb free hard disk space • keyboard, mouse Will this work on my ancient system?

  letsgetrdy 20:37 08 Sep 2011

Yes that will work on your system.

Anything over £50 on a graphics card would most likely be unneeded and be just bottlenecked by things like your RAM/CPU.

I take it in your last post you need a graphics card that is atleast "Videocard nVidia GeForce 7950GT with 512 Mb or equivalent ATI" etc. The 8800GT is more than powerful enough.

Here is the alpha dog edition which at launch cost upwards of £180.

  letsgetrdy 20:38 08 Sep 2011

Alternate link -

  puma377 20:47 08 Sep 2011

Sorry I dont know what an Alpha Dog version is.
I was told by NVidia live chat that I need to change my power supply to at leat 600 watts, I dont know what wattage my computer uses or where to find the info about it.

  puma377 22:03 08 Sep 2011

I meant to say that do I need to change my power supply to accomodate the new graphics card? I didnt really understand whether the power supply i have is adequate or not. Do you know where I can find where it states the wattage, its not stated on the back of the pc there is a sticker with 230 v under the power cord but nothing about wattage. Thanks for your help.

  letsgetrdy 01:01 09 Sep 2011

The Watts rating should be on the power supply itself, on the outer casing of it. That "Alpha Dog" was just a phrase used for that 8800GT, which refers to it being slightly faster than a normal 8800GT. As there are loads of 8800GTs out there branded by different company's, so I just found one that looked good.

A 8800GT only requires 400w power supply.

Your current power supply will be around 300-400w. I would check to make sure its at least 400.

  retep888™ 01:21 09 Sep 2011

How to Find Out How Many Watts a Power Supply is on an HP Computer click here

If you can let people know the exact model of your HP media centre ,how to find out HP model number click here

"MS Windows XP/Vista • DirectX 9.0c • Processor 3 GHz • RAM 2 Gb • Videocard nVidia GeForce 7950GT with 512 Mb or equivalent ATI"

This is only the minimum spec, to run game smoothly on reasonable resolution you'll need much better PC spec, to upgrade to any modern graphic card, there could be a possibility of extra dedicated power cable connection i.e. pci-express which I doubt your existing power supply would have.

To be honest, even you can upgrade the graphic card, your PC's processor could be the next hurdle,I'd suggest saving your money towards a new PC or a game console instead.

  puma377 23:47 11 Sep 2011

Thank you both for your help.
I know that really I need a new computer but one with a decent(ish) graphics card and sound card as this one has will cost around £1000 which I dont have as a student, so its basically just upgrading what can be upgraded until it finally gives up the ghost. We dont play the really graphic intensive games, but the lag is noticable on sims 3 or amored princess.

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