My graphics card is sharing an IRQ. Bad im told!

  square eyes 21:50 07 Mar 2003

Could anyone shine some light on this for me?

In the quest to putting a stop to my restarts in WINXP, (infinate loop errors caused by graphics card or driver) i sent an email to ATI. (the makers of the Radeon 9000 pro)
I sent a good description and have received a standard troubleshooting guide to problems re their graphics card.
I was hoping for a personal reply as this problem is quite common so i have realized, so before sending them another email i want to try their suggestions first.
I understand most of the steps but have a problem with this:
They said to check IRQ by typing in the run program"system.ini" and select recources by type and see if the card is sharing a PCI slot with another device. Indeed it is or at least it shares number 16 (PCI).
The device is a "via Rev 5 or later USB Universal Host Controller"
This is there final pointer in making these alterations, but how do i do it?

"Check down the list that the graphic is on its OWN IRQ (if it is shared with PCI Steering, this is ok)
If not, physically move the OTHER card / device to another PCI slot."

Any suggestions please


  square eyes 01:20 08 Mar 2003

Apologies, it wasn't "system.ini" but device mangager.
I'll keep with the medicine. :)

  powerless 01:41 08 Mar 2003

I'm not sure i understand what they mean or what you mean, am sorry maybe its me.

However i think they mean if there is another card sharing the same IRQ of the grpahics card movie it to another slot inside the computer.

However you say "via Rev 5 or later USB Universal Host Controller" that is not a card as such that you can remove.

I guess this is no help.

  square eyes 03:09 08 Mar 2003

Thx, Quite puzzled myself,
PCI steering a bit strange, is it supposed to have it's own IRQ?
The sound card has.
I'll get them to clarify it

  powerless 03:13 08 Mar 2003

There saying that the graphics card is to have it own IRQ, however if it shared with IRQ steering than its ok.

I think there going to get you to assign the graphics card its own IRQ - hopefully that will solve the problem your having.

  Hugh Janus 03:40 08 Mar 2003

Are you able to enter your bios, and if so try disabling any unwanted usb ports if you have any eg Secondary USB device or Dos USB device
Do you have any devices plugged into your USB port. If so, try removing them and seeing if the problem disappears (if it's a mouse then obviously you'll need to use a ps2/com port device temporarily).
I could well be wrong about this (I often am) but I thought that pci steering was a windows system that actually enables more than one pci device to use the same IRQ and therefore doesn't need an IRQ

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