Is my graphics card good enough to play WoW?

  RD9 14:02 27 Dec 2008

I have been playing the free trial version of World of Warcraft and am considering buying the game, but need to know if I need a new graphics card. The card in my machine is, I think, a ATI Radeon Xpress 1250.

  citadel 16:37 27 Dec 2008

it's an onboard graphics chip and not much good, if you have a laptop you can not change it. cheap graphics chips are used when the makers want to keep the price down on a laptop.

  MAT ALAN 16:47 27 Dec 2008

Capable but not at high end settings...

If you plan to "raid" within gameplay you will need to turn most settings down...

  Marko797 16:58 27 Dec 2008

Systems Requirement Labs and let it dload a safe diagnostic. It will then tell you whether ur grafs will run the game or not...
click here

  RD9 19:00 27 Dec 2008

Thanks for your help. Have been to Systems Requirement Labs and have enough to run the game. Will try it out and then decide on upgrading the card later. Thanks again.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:18 27 Dec 2008

The original World of Warcraft is quite undemanding of the graphics card but, the expansions saw graphical enhancements that are more demanding.

You may find it struggles at even low settings in The burning Crusade expansion, especially Terrokar Forest and the city of Shattrath. In the new Wrath of the Lich King expansion it will be unlikely to produce playable frame rates in many areas.

You could buy a graphics card, that will cope much better, for less than £50 if budget is an issue.

  MAT ALAN 19:23 27 Dec 2008

then decide on upgrading the card later.

That you probably will not be able to do, lappy's have two types of VGA chipsets (not conventional cards) soldered and non-soldered components that are integrated onto the MOBO, Its an expansive and a specialist job to upgrade...

  MAT ALAN 19:24 27 Dec 2008

OOPS!!! expensive

  RD9 22:23 27 Dec 2008

Thanks. Haven't much experience of graphics cards - where will I get one for under £50? My machine is a desktop not a laptop.

  MAT ALAN 22:26 27 Dec 2008

My machine is a desktop
AHH!!! Okeydoke full specs of PC and chosen Operating system would be a good place to start...

  [email protected] 00:41 28 Dec 2008

back of my 3 year old wow box:
(recommended not minimum)
64mb 3d graphics card geforce fx5700 or above

burning crusade % wrath of the lich king:

the graphics engine today is better than it was 3 years ago, you don't need a great deal to run it, however, battleground's and multi character raids have got bigger, this is a lot more cpu than gpu. out of over 200 games wow is the only one that raises my cpu fan (set to 62C!)it only does this when you have 50+ individually controlled players casting god knows how many spells etc.
also the latest graphics update has better shadows terrain and spell detail, and you need a pretty high spec pc to play with all maxed out on default, it can quite playable on pretty much most pc's, a seperate graphics will free ram and take a load of cpu of course.

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