My gmail hacked - what to expect?

  andrew1234567890 12:41 17 Oct 2016

Hi! My android phone suddenly lost all network connection.

When I came home in two hours time and tried to log into my gmail, I got message: your password has been changed. I managed to log in and change password to a new one.

I saw the recovery email was changed to some unknown to me; which I briefly changed back. I also saw that this activity was from somewhere London (I live near London, but for my activity gmail shows my town).

No emails in inbox and in sent folder, but in trash bin I saw two emails from Vodafone: (1) we got your call that you lost your phone and we blocked your phone (2) we got your call for swapping your SIM card. I called Vodavone and cancelled all this. Once I got my SIM unblocked, I change gmail authentication to 2-step.

I realize that my gmail was hacked because I use it for about 10 years without changing password and I used same password very long ago on some other sites :( I also find my email was leaked when LinkedIn was hacked and my home address and phone could be available to hackers.

My question is what to expect next?

It is very difficult to find any information on my gmail, because first, I write to myself tons of very long emails and if I search words like 'bank' it brings hundreds pages of results; second, I try to keep all sensible information using hints known only to myself.

But could the hackers manage to copy all my gmail box during those two hours? As far as I remember, Google showed there was a login to gmail from Internet Explorer, which wouldn't allow to copy the mail box. Would it show if anybody tried to use POP protocol from not internet-based gmail?


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