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  NBP Ltd 08:45 24 Feb 2004

This is my website and i was wondering what you through of it.

click here

i know some of the pics and links dont work but!


P.S. i would be grateful for any suggestions of things to add to the page to make it better.

  Taran 09:13 24 Feb 2004

You have a couple of graphics missing on your mane page.





Those files are not loading when the page loads.

The Gallery and Tau buttons on the left of the page are dead links - they don't lead anywhere. If they do have pages to lead onto you should make sure that they links are active and if there are no pages for them to lead to I'd suggest removing them entirely.

I'd also take the "HAPPY NEW YEAR" and "LAST UPDATED = 08 / 01 / 04" text out from the page. You don't really want people toknow that he last time you updated was early last month and the New Year is long gone now. You would gain some page real estate space by removing that text.

I have one question regarding your banner: you've used the GAMES WORKSHOP logo and I hope that for your sake they allow this for general use on personal gaming sites. Using a company logo without permission is asking for a whole world of trouble in the copyright stakes.

If you bring your navigation button up the page to about the level of the "Warhammer 40,000" banner or the Happy New Year text they will attract more attention and encourage people to visit the pages on the site. As it stands your visitors have to scroll to reach your navigation.

Clicking on the Gallery link, then the Gallery1 link loads up another page with missing graphics. The Blood Angels, Imperial Fist, Space Wolves and White Scars [your Alt image text for that image reads White Scares by the way] are all missing and your Gallery 1 button fails to load.

I'd suggest pulling the galleries up to the top of the page and putting the The Blood Angels, Imperial Fist, Space Wolves etc images below the galleries at the bottom of the page.

And again, I'd suggest removing the large text that reads "NEW, UPDATED SITE COMING SOON 2004 LAST UPDATED = 21 / 12 / 03". It takes up far too much space and again, you don't really want to tell people that your site is out of date.

OK, that's the critical side out of the way.

I like the fact that you stuck with a plain white background - it always helps to make text and images stand out and in your case it does just that. The layout itself works nicely and with a bit of work could be really good. The main problem is missing content [images failing to load] and large areas of wasted page space.

I can see fro mthe page source code that you are using FrontPage 2000. When you put an image into a page, import it into your web root folder first.

Say you have a picture in MyDocuments called x.jpg

In FrontPage make sure you have Folder view enabled so that you can see your web root folder structure in the left hand panel. If you can't see this, click on View, Folder List. Click on File, Import, click on Add File then use the browser to find your image and import it into your web folder. Drag the image you just imported into the images folder if you didn't import it there already. Now, when you add your image to a web page and publish the website, the images will upload with the rest of the site since they are in a dedicated images folder in the site root folder.

With a bit of work you could make this a very good site. It has a good deal of potential and I can see that you've worked hard at it.

  Holographic_man 10:35 24 Feb 2004

I must agree with NBP Ltd nothing worse the having last updated in your face every link you make, in the gallery's take out the nav's that are not working and only put them in as and when you need them.I can't seem to get any graphics that work.
Good luck

  joelmb 18:36 25 Feb 2004

Too annoying to look any further, sorry.

Remove the pop ups first. ;)

  ddd3 18:27 03 Mar 2004

I'm not getting cookies or pop-ups. Anyone else?

Aside from that, what Taran said!

  PurplePenny 21:05 03 Mar 2004

No, no pop-ups - but I have Opera set to only allow requested pop-ups.


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