My friends Dead PC

  geoff47 00:24 22 Aug 2003

My friend with young kids has bought a second hand Compaq with Win 98,to cut a long story short the kids,theirs and my own one, have loaded some of my Programs both off free mag discs,and also the likes of MS Word and I dont know what else.
Now after one of the youngsters has been playing about,the only thing that happens at boot up is the Blue screen,a message I have forgotten and the advice to press any key to continue.
But that is all that happens.
Can the problem be with Unauthorised use of my discs? Or is it more complicated than that?
They are even more PC illiterate than me so what will I have to do now?
Thanks for any help and advice.

  hector allan 00:58 22 Aug 2003

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify!

that means that it`s a good idea to eliminate as much as you can.

In windows 98, wait for the Starting Windows ...... message and press F8. That gives you a chance to boot Windows in Safe mode.

Don`t panic sometimes it`s just plain faulty can try uninstalling the suspect program. or if you can get the system running load a diagnostic program which come with many machines.

Try and take off as much of the software that you think they might have installed..

And write down what it says at startup......

and come back if you still have problems

lots of luck............................

  xania 09:38 22 Aug 2003

If you can identify the last thing that was loaded, you could well find that removing it using the provided uninstall will resolve the problem.

Next, follow what Hector Allan suggests, but, instead of Safe mode, choose step-by-step, and then allow each step to run; the one that causes the BSD is your problem and needs to be removed.

Of course, a third alternative is to reformat your HD and reinstall all your good SW - I assume you got all the CDs with the laptop; if not......

  Djohn 10:07 22 Aug 2003

If you go into control panel, then click on, Add/remove programs you will be able to see a list of which of your programs have been installed. You will need to start in safe mode, so that you don't get the Blue screen.

Start with the ones you recognise, remove them one, or two at a time, then do a re-boot to see if this has fixed the problem.

First though boot the PC and note the message you see on the screen, post back with this, it may help! It's most unlikely that the unauthorised use of one of you Microsoft programs is causing the problem.

If I remember correct, you will know how to reach safe-mode, but just in case, when you first boot the PC, you will need to tap one of the function keys, normally F8, but for a Compaq it may be F2. Regards j.

  geoff47 00:18 23 Aug 2003

Thanks you people,its not my problem honestly.
I havnt had a look for several days and cant recall the wording,but the problem is its not booting into windows at all. After the initial Compaq logo screen nothing happens other than the message and the advice to press any key to continue,no loading sequence at all.
My guess would be its a dead one,and needs everything reloaded,sorry reformatted.
Will be making a visit tomorrow,they think I am a PC doctor which I find frightenly flattering.
I shall try my best and report back.

  geoff47 01:35 14 Sep 2003

The problem is friends took the PC back to the shop and the man returned it after 2 days saying he had removed the problem....this information is second I cannot know what was done to the PC.I visited to see if I could reinstall win98 for them...I had my boot floppy and their Win98 cd...nothing happened.
Only the Compaq welcome screen,an eggtimer bottom left and press F10 to enter setup bottom right.
With cd and floppy in the screen just continued for so long until the PC went into standby.
Tried rebooting 2/3 times all with same result.
What now?

  wiznyme 01:44 14 Sep 2003

On a lot of older Compaq computers part to the BIOS is on a hidden partition on the hard drive, made it a lot more user friendly and allowed mouse usage.

At any point was the hard drive wiped?

If so tell me make & model and I'll let tell you what disk's you need, it takes 2/3 floppy disk's to re-install

  hugh-265156 01:45 14 Sep 2003

bring it back to the shop and ask them to really fix it this time if its still not working.

  geoff47 02:13 14 Sep 2003

Sorry dont know what make or model ...I only get called in when things are wrong...they think I know about computors....I dont know what happened at the shop the guy is totally PC illiterate unbelievably so in fact.I will try my other boot disk...the one I use..and try to get more information.Be patient I dont visit daily only when they pester me,and I have a spare moment,makes me feel good when I acheive something but this has me stumped.Problem being only having half the information...I will be back no doubt.

  hugh-265156 02:28 14 Sep 2003

post the exact message at boot please?

i would bring it back to the shop,as above.did it go in with this error to be repaired?i would expect it to be working after i have paid for it to be so.

  geoff47 23:59 14 Sep 2003

Latest information is the pc was ok in the shop,they asked for product key number to reinstall win98 and it was ok then apparently.
No error messages are showing,only the egg timer icon bottom left and press F10 to enter set up botom right,on the Compaq welcome screen,but nothing else happens.
Perhaps tomorrow I should try too see if all connections are OK.

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