my free software doesnt work!!

  S.A.W 22:25 15 Oct 2003

I was given free software when purchasing Time PC from Computer World, None of the DK software will work. Installs correctly but when I try to put them on a message comes up saying sound error. Spoke to Computer World and quite frankly they are rubbish. Spent £899 on this new pc and there is no support at all unless you pay £1 per min on the phoneline. I dont expect to have to do that with new pc!

  powerless 22:26 15 Oct 2003

Sound error reads exactly?

  PA28 22:31 15 Oct 2003

On the assumption that you bought this computer very recently, you are entitled to a machine that works. Forget the £1 a minute support - take it back to the shop, dump it on the counter and reject it on the spot. Make a noisy nuisance of yourself in the shop if necessary (remaining firm but polite) and either take away a new machine or a refund. But don't accept matters as they are (even if it's probably only a missing sound card driver, you shouldn't attempt to repair it in these circumstances). You could always email Time with your intentions of course, pointing out that matters are being tracked very publicly in this forum................

  powerless 23:48 15 Oct 2003

Thanks for the email but it was all corrupted with a huge link and i could not understand it.

  Gaz 25 04:10 16 Oct 2003

I am afraid Time are like that at times.

So be careful, I had lots of troubles.

I ussually phone sales instead.

  Andsome 08:23 16 Oct 2003

This is yet another problem occurring with this company, there have been more than I can count. Once you get your money back, try a local shop and have a computer built for you there. If any problems occur, you can always just pop in, you will not be expected to contact premium rate telephone help lines.

  S.A.W 15:00 16 Oct 2003

The message displayed says "The sound software is not installed properly or has been disabled". I sent a fax to the Computer World explaining what was wrong and so far have had no response. I am past the 14 day return, it is 2 weeks old today. Anyway know what consumer rights I have? Wished I had never gone to this company!!

  PA28 17:11 16 Oct 2003

Forget the 14 days. You've a full warranty (in addition to your legal rights) and up to 6 years (limitation). You have full legal right of rejection whatever they say - any return period that they set cannot take away or restrict those rights. But don't hesitate.

  Taran 18:06 16 Oct 2003

A colleague of mine had the self same error with a Time computer and the same software.

She used the recovery disk to re-set the PC and resintalled the DK software and all was well.

Another problem further down the line required a reinstall of the DK software which produced the sound error you are getting.

Using the recovery disk to once more reset the computer the reinstalling everything from scratch again fixed the issue.

This is second hand information and I did not see it happen. I suspect that there is a driver issue with the software in relation to hardware configuration but as yet I have not had an opportunity to investigate further.

Oh, and you will probably find that dumping a working computer on a shop counter and trying to reject it (loudly or otherwise) on the basis of software not running correctly will get you nowhere.

I'll ask my colleague if she still has this issue and if so I'll arrange to drop round and see if I can get to the bottom of it. Until then though I'm afraid I cannot offer a quick fix.

  mtall 18:20 16 Oct 2003

If you paid your computer by your credit card, don't waste your time with Time, just contact your credit company explain and ask your money back. Write to Time ask them to correct the fault computer and tell them the proccess you are undertaking to recover your money


  R4 18:52 16 Oct 2003

Re: 'I am past the 14 day return, it is 2 weeks old today'

All equipment in the UK has got to have at least 12 months full warranty and the goods MUST be suitable for the use they were intended for.

As the free software was supplied with the system, it follows that the system should be able to run it properly without any arrors.

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