My first website: opinions appreciated.

  Peter E 00:17 05 Apr 2003

Hi all

I'd be very grateful if you would take some time to have a look at my first website. Constructive opinions will be greatly appreciated. I couldn't think of a theme so I decided to do a tutorial site for beginners to Microsoft's Outlook Express. I designed it in Microsoft Word.

It's not finished by a long way, so if you have any ideas or suggestions for changes, further topics etc, please post.

click here


Peter E

  Scouse 00:22 05 Apr 2003

For a first site you can give yourself a Pat on the Back. Easy to navigate and the onsite ;inks work well. The subject is very useful and as you add to it then you can only improve upon the original.


  Eagie 00:32 05 Apr 2003

As Scouse said as a first step in website making it's a good one.

If I was going to be nit picky - and I assume you do as you have asked for our comments - I would just mention that all of your links correctly open in new windows however the link to hotmail on the "about e-mail" page opens in your main frame - you may want to amend this.

Also, is it a design decision to leave the edges of the frames viewable? The frame sizes are also adjustable by the user - again is the deliberate? If these are choices you have made then my apologises - design is a personal thing and often there is no right or wrong way, just different options.

Please don't take these as major criticisms as they are not meant that way.

As I said, a good start.

  Peter E 00:52 05 Apr 2003

I'd forgotten all about the Hotmail link - thanks, Eagie. I'll amend it.

Others have commented on the frame edges - some like them, others don't. I can't make up my mind so I've left them for now. Being able to adjust the frames is deliberate, but I need to make it known to visitors so they know they can adjust them if they want to see more of the main frame without having to scroll.

I don't mind any criticism - the aim of posting is to gather opinions in order to make improvements to the site.

Again, many thanks.

peter e

  Forum Editor 00:54 05 Apr 2003

You have a nice site there, and with a bit more development it can be a very nice site. The subject matter is something that many people will find helpful as well. I can see that you've thought about the detail, and your disclaimers and acknowldegements are present and correct. Screen grabs are excellent, if a tad slow to load.

If I may, I would like to suggest that you do your next redesign in Microsoft FrontPage - the 2000 version is a good start. You'll find it more versatile, and there will be opportunities for enhancements. My own preference is for tables rather than frames, but that's not a criticism.

You've made an excellent start, and now that you have the site online you can relax and tweak to your heart's content. Try experimenting with Verdana - 8 point for the body text and 10 point for sub headers, and maybe try losing the blue side shading - just to see how things look. Your homepage could do with an image or something 'visual'that will entice visitors into the other pages. FrontPage can offer many customisable themes, and although some of them are a little corny you can easily change things to suit your taste.

You should feel very pleased with what you've achieved so far - I'll look forward to seeing your future updates.

  Djohn 01:03 05 Apr 2003

Hi Peter, loads quick. like the colour and also the movable frames.

Only problem from my end is, I don't get the pictures! and when I click on red X, I only get the option of seeing the source code, and not "Display picture".

Using AOL, could this be the problem? Regards. J.

  powerless 01:20 05 Apr 2003

I do not like the seperation in the page. Sorry do not know its proper name. Where you have one disclaimer you have another underneath of it but its seperated by the "line"...(homepage)

Would it be possible to kick it of and make one whole page and no seperations. Smaller font for the disclaimers, this is for all pages.

You supply a link to the MS KB site. How about searching for all problems with OE and provide links on your site...

I find this site a little better for KB Articles. click here

  jediknight007 01:28 05 Apr 2003

Looks nice and professional. I like the way you have tided up the paths of your links as most people just stick loads of numbers and symbols after it (hope you know what I'm talking about). Nice choice of colour as well, gives that fresh look and not something that makes someone think 'ok, just another site talking rubbish and doesn't look like it will help me'. You could also maybe add some jumplinks since your pages do have some large headings. Anyways, nice work, looks like you have planned your site very well.

  hotwired 02:15 05 Apr 2003

You have certainly put the misery out of a lot of helpdesk staff, like me trying to break it up in lay man terms to my end users. I respect what you have done. I will add this URL in their favourites on Monday.

I wish all the success and well done again. 02:39 05 Apr 2003

it is a brilliant idea for a site, and a very well constructed. I will find it a great help. Only one nit-pick, I hate frames! (Thats just me personally).
Well done Peter, whiz....

  fitshase 02:52 05 Apr 2003

Good site, well laid out and good subject matter.

I did a help guide like this when I was at university for a company who used Outlook Express. It was in paper format not online.

However, my one point is the same as and that is I hate frames. Sorry but I do.

Other than that, it is good and is bound to get better.



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