My firewall slows my broadband when gaming online

  Nades 10:24 05 Nov 2003

I am playing Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 online with broadband conection. I am using the free version of Zone Alarm and it slows the conection. is there any way of stopping it doing this as it is driving me MAD....

  only me 10:38 05 Nov 2003

i have had zone alarm on my old M E comp and it did the same thing i dumped it and bought Norton firewall maybe if you bought professional version you would have more options

  Nades 11:20 05 Nov 2003

Only Me, is that a software firewall or external hardware?

  canard 12:17 05 Nov 2003

Need additional memory? Firewalls are greedy beasts.

  Nades 12:21 05 Nov 2003

Canard, Have only just put 512ddr 333hz in the thing also running AMD XP 2600. Would it still need any more?

  canard 12:38 05 Nov 2003

No that should be enough. BUT as firewalls can't gobble all of that up you need to hear from the readers who understand memory management and installation.

  only me 10:25 06 Nov 2003

i bought Norton 2003 suite which is a firewall+antivirus it cost just under ?50

  ? ???K??M? 10:52 06 Nov 2003

Hi, im running ZA free version with BB and same amout memory and it never slows down my conection
i would have thought it was the server you were on or something else maybe other players have a high ping tjis can slow all pcs down on the server when it get to high.


  KCR 12:54 06 Nov 2003

Try ebay - just picked up Norton Internet Security 2003 for ?15 (and yet get a year's worth of auto updates on-line). Much cheaper than 2004 and cheaper than upgrading existing Norton Internet Security online

  wags 13:51 06 Nov 2003

I use free version of Zone Alarm on my Pipex ADSL and play Medal Of Honor online with very good frame rates and low ping rate. (My PC- Athlon 2800, 1,024mb ram.

As ? ???K??M? has said, check the ping rates of the server hosting the game and the other players. I think you should look for a server with ping rate of less than 100. Also check that you dont have any other progs.running in the background hogging resources.

Personally, I wouldn't invest cash in Norton firewall, as Zone alarm is fine and generally highly regarded.

  Nades 17:25 06 Nov 2003

Thanks to all

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