My files keep randomly resetting to read only

  Taurus 20:34 05 Apr 2014

My files keep randomly resetting to read only. Despite changing the properties at the highest level they will change back apparently at random to read only and I can't save files I have altered or newly created files. I will also get, again seemingly randomly, an auto save failure notice when working on office documents. I assume this is because the file I am working on at the time has become read only or rather a folder further up has become read only. I have recently upgraded to W8.1 and Office 2014. I never had the problem before the upgrade. I wondered if it was related to the fact that I have, at the time of upgrading my computers (2 desktops and a laptop, all running W8.1), set up a network. I have made sure that I have full rights permissions on all computers but wondered if this could be the problem. Also, sometimes I cannot access all of the computers via the network, sometimes I can and I'm not sure if that is related to the problem.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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