is my fan going wrong

  liloldlady 19:49 03 May 2011

Hi, My laptop keeps turning itself off, sometimes it lasts a couple of hours, or sometimes 15 mins. It doenst seem to matter which programme I am using....Could it be overheating?......I am using XP Home.....Thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:57 03 May 2011

Make / model?

Can you hear the fan running all the time?

Try sucking the dirt from the grills with a vacuum cleaner.

  liloldlady 20:02 03 May 2011

Hi Fruitbat, Thanks for answering so fast. It is A Compaq Presario, and the fan has recently got a bit noisier, almost a small rattling sound. Thats why I think it might be the fan, and of course I can turn it right back on, the longer it has been turned off the longer it stays on nextime, if you see what I mean.I will try sucking the grills then, should I do that first? and how can I tell if it is the fan

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:08 03 May 2011

the fan has recently got a bit noisier the longer it has been turned off the longer it stays on nextime

Certainly sounds like overheating due to a failing fan

How to change

link text

F700 youtube

  robin_x 01:06 04 May 2011

My CQ61 Presario seems very similar to the F700 video above.

I also had rattling fan from a few months old and then it stuck completely one day a few months later.

I was getting by in the meantime by tapping the case near the F2 key. That would stop it for minutes, hours or days.

On the stripdown, I found the fan was stiff. The blades pull off the axis quite easily and I oiled it with a couple of drops of 3in1 oil in the axis well.

There was no great amount of dust and I made sure it was not catching anywhere.

I am not convinced that the rattle/whirr was not caused by vibration and the fact that the fan is not fixed properly. I fixed mine a bit better by gluing the fan housing edges with a bit of superglue to the motherboard.

Use Speedfan to confirm your temps if you want link text My normal was 50-65 deg C. Hitting 90+C after boot before shutdown or even during boot it would blue screen.

  Condom 11:19 04 May 2011

I would certainly look at your fan as it would probably benefit from a good clean. I would also use one of these laptop coolers that you can buy for most laptops as not only do they keep the laptop cool but they also help to filter out much of the dust which might find itself into your laptop.

  Terry Brown 13:31 04 May 2011

If you can access the fan, on the top of the fan (in the centre) there is a sticker, remove that and you should see a rubber seal.

Using a small screwdriver, press an the edge and it sjould come out, exposing the motor bearing.

Place a small amount (i.e. 1 drop) of cycle or other fine oil - Not car oil- too heavy, or a small amount of WD40 on the centre.

Replace seal, and cover (to hold in place) with the sticker (or a small amount of tape).

This should help.


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