My Excel formula problem

  Forum Editor 12:53 11 Jul 2004

Regular forum members will know that Excel is definitely not one of my areas of expertise, and I need help with this:-

I have a spreadsheet in which I need column totals to update as I enter figures in other columns. I'm OK with the formula side of things, and that works perfectly, but I can't seem to sort one aspect of it. The final column shows the net total, after all the figures have been entered in the other columns and the forumla has done its calculations. When I try to apply the formula to all the cells below the last entry in that column the last total figure appears - dozens of cells, all with the same figure. It's a cosmetic thing, but I would like the cells to be blank until they need to contain figures, and no matter what I do they steadfastly refuse.

If anyone can help I would be grateful - VoG where are you when I need you?

  VoG II 13:04 11 Jul 2004

You need an IF formula, FE.

Let's say you're present formula is something like


Modify this to

=IF(A2<>"", A2+B2+C2,"")

which will leave the result cell blank if A2 is blank.

I know that your formulas will not be the same as these, but that's the general method anyway.

  Fullywired 13:09 11 Jul 2004

im not too sure exactly what you mean, is it that you have afew columns with totals at the bottom and you need the total of all the totals? if the information is not too personal could you email me a copy of the spreadsheet and im sure the explination will become clearer. it has been a while since i was tought excel but i can remember most of it so i hope i can be of help


  Forum Editor 13:34 11 Jul 2004

Many thanks for your prompt and (as ever) correct solution.

Fullywired - thanks to you also. The forumla is more cpmplex than simply adding totals - there are deductions being made in some columns as well. The data is subject to client confidentiality, so I couldn't send the file to anyone. Fortunately the problem's now resolved.

I've been promising myself an update to my limited Excel skills for some time, but I never seem to get a chance. On the other hand......why bother when I have access to such expertise?

  Cesar 09:53 12 Jul 2004

If you wan't to update your skills on Excel then I recommend the following Book "Mr Excel on Excel"
It Contains everything you need to know about Excel.

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