My entire system is grinding to a halt

  andy334 21:28 03 Oct 2008

Hi all,

I am currently on a back-up PC until I can afford to get my own repaired. Specs as follows:

OS - Windows XP SP3
2.2Ghz processor

I have several problems but the two that are really causing me heartache are as follows:

1) When I right click on a folder (to copy, move, delete etc) it can take 5 to 10 seconds for the options box to appear.

2) In task manager my system resources are always running at 100% (97%-99% is on IE) and it can be difficult just surfing the web.

I am not running anything I can think of that would slow the system that much as I only have the following running on the system and these are only used when required not all the time:


And thats it - I only have a max of 30 processes running in taskmanager and the total mem usage is only at about 10% of the 1GB I have.

So does anybody have any idea why my system is running at max when nothing is happening? I have ran anti-virus, anti-adaware etc and found nothing and I simply can not explain it.

I would be grateful for any advice anyone has.

Many thanks - Andy

  Halmer 21:37 03 Oct 2008
  woodchip 21:39 03 Oct 2008

Back ground Programs are most likely the problem.
Go to Start\Run type msconfig press enter, go to startup tab where you will see box's with ticks. The ones that have a tick are starting at boot, this will slow your boot time right down and also use system resources. So you need to whittle this list down by removing ticks for things that do not need to start until you click on the program or use a printer etc. Check carefully on the list as we all have different ones.

Have a look hear click here

click here

  Halmer 21:40 03 Oct 2008
  sinbads 21:43 03 Oct 2008

If you run in safe does your problem 1 behave the same?

If it works ok, then disable all but AV in the MSconfig start up if still ok then enable them one at a time to find the problem,

  bluto1 00:05 04 Oct 2008

It's possible that your hard drive is so full that this is your problem. The HDD is memory that is used by your pc operations, and if there isn't enough memory then everything will slow down rapidly.
See what you can eliminate, programmes you don't, or hardly use,old system restore points, or anything that is using up your HDD resources.

  brundle 00:34 04 Oct 2008

Run Process Explorer; click here

  provider 2 11:01 04 Oct 2008

In case you are using some third party firewall or a software that is checking network traffic (e.g. content filters, parental control, etc.), you need to allow communication of the following AVG Free processes to allow its full functionality:

In some programs, you might need to specify the list of 'safe' Internet addresses to prevent limited or blocked access of AVG to the update servers. In such case, please allow the following servers:

  birdface 11:39 04 Oct 2008

Can you do a system restore to a time when you had no faults.If not try.Remove Sp3 from add remove.turn on Windows firewall and remove Zone alarm.Run C here Reboot the computer and see if it is working any better.Then do a defrag.If still not working right and you are using IE7 go to tools.Internet Options.Advanced,and press reset.If still not working disable all of your add-ons.See if that helps.Right click local area connection and press repair see if it comes up with any problems.Now there were a big problem with Zone Alarm and SP3 so before you try any of my other suggestions Try Updating Zone Alarm if you do not have the latest version. If no luck carry out other suggestions.

  birdface 11:41 04 Oct 2008

Also Turn off automatic Updates temporary so that it does not download SP3 again.

  birdface 11:46 04 Oct 2008

Taskmanager.iexplore.exe make sure the spelling is the same way as mine.

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