My DVD writer will not work!

  sirles1 20:45 02 Jun 2008

I have just bought a Samsung SH-S203 DVD writer that has an SATA interface for my ATX motherboard K7N2G-ILSR. The motherboard has 2 Serial ATA version 1 ports and my SATA chipset is “Promise SATA 150”. I have already installed another DVD writer which has an IDE interface. The IDE DVD writer is fine but my SATA will not work! I have Windows XP Pro O/S and I have downloaded the “Promise Fastrak 20376/78” SATA driver and I can see this under SCSI in the hardware device but not the Samsung DVD writer! I need to know if I have to download a Bios for this. If so, the nearest Bios I have seen on the “Promise” website is “SATA 150 TX2/Plus” but I’m not sure whether to download this in case it damages my computer! I was wondering if I was take out the IDE DVD writer or change it to slave as it is currently the master would help? Also the Bios is a “bin” file which I am not familiar with. Do I also need to download a "FastBuild Utility" file?
Please please help me! Many Thanks Les

  sean-278262 20:49 02 Jun 2008

First question does the drive eject and power up?

Second is it seen in the BIOS? press f8 when you power on the PC or on some PCs it is also the "del" key.


  sean-278262 21:57 02 Jun 2008

In responce to your email message to me

"Hi It does eject but I am not sure where to find this writer in the CMOS setup! can you please give me step by step for this? Thanks "

click here
It should display at the start of the process of booting.

If not enter the bios as I said above
click here
the above screen or similar will be presented to you.

click here
go to the standard cmos setup and the above or similar will show up. See if you can detect the drive. It should tell you what model the drive is if it has been connected correctly.

On a subnote, please follow the forum rules and do not email members unless they request you do so. I don't mind helping people by email but prefer to do it on the forums because it means that someone googling for an answer may find this thread and therefore a solution eventually.


  sirles1 16:33 05 Jun 2008

I checked the CMOS setup but the dvd device is not seen and I can't see SATA there either. I have downloaded the latest motherboard BIOS but still no sign of anything.

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