My DVD-RW stoped working :(

  Jaro 19:04 12 Jun 2005


hope u can help me with this one.I have DVD-RW dont know the manufacturer but diagnostick prog i used determined it as VOM-12E48X. the drive just stoped working. Does not reed and burn. it was working properly. I really dont know waht to do. i have tried to uninstall it but no avail. dont know where to obtain now drivers. dont know where to look. i really need to get it working please help me.

  Jaro 19:16 12 Jun 2005

now i cant even eject the cd from the drive dont now why. the green led still flicking and nothing is happening. :( please help

  Jaro 19:17 12 Jun 2005

i have to restart comp to remove cd from drive

  oseven 19:34 12 Jun 2005

Long shot ,but try a lens cleaning disc.

  Jaro 19:37 12 Jun 2005

thank you oseven will try that. anything else any sugestions please ???

  Jaro 19:41 12 Jun 2005

thats great now my second DVD-rom doesnt work aswell. dont know what is going on???that now ? it must be something wrong with OS. any help please

  VoG II 19:52 12 Jun 2005

Open the case and check that the ribbon connectors are connected firmly at all ends (each drive plus the motherboard).

  Jaro 21:43 12 Jun 2005

sorry i have been away. i have finally resolved the problem.too les virtual memory.but thank you all for your help.still dont know who change virtual memory in my comp ??? hope it cant be virus or spyware.thanks again

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