my dual monitors have switched primary places

  athenrye 20:21 30 Jul 2008

i factory reset my sons computer, full of junk and running slow

he has a large lcd screen as the secondary monitor on a dual graphics card, after the reset the small computer screen is now the secondary and his large tv is the primary

i right click the desktop> Properties> settings> and i have three screens 2 for the radeon 7000 plug and play monitor and one for the internal s3 graphics prosavage which is disabled

when i choose primary 1 monitor the two moxes are ticked and greyed out so you cant change them

when i choose secondary moniotr 3 the "use this device as the primary monitor" is greyed out and i can only choose the "extend my windows desktop onto this monitor"

there dosnt seem to be a way of switching them over via this way

any ideas

  Technotiger 21:33 30 Jul 2008

Can you not access the Graphics cards own settings rather than use Desktop>Properties?

  athenrye 21:38 30 Jul 2008

hi technotiger

i kind of thought of that, but
when ive reset and strted agin the computer has autodetected drivers etc

i cant see any programmes for the graphics card
and dont know where to look

i did look under device manager but there didnt seem to be anywhere to alter it in there

i dont think i have the graphics card disk!


  Technotiger 22:08 30 Jul 2008

My graphics card is nVidia, when I right-click on Desktop my nVidia Control Panel option appears above Properties - so I have an extra set of Controls directly via my graphics card. I just wondered if yours had anything similar.

Or have a look in Desktop>Properties>Settings>Advanced you might find your graphics card control there (my nVidia control is also available taking this route).

  Stuartli 22:21 30 Jul 2008

Try swapping the VGA cables.

  athenrye 22:57 30 Jul 2008

hi techno
ive not got that but i know what you are on about
ill try and see if ive got the disk to install the programme

hi stuartli
i cant swap the cables one if a vga to the monitor, the other is a dvi cable they wont fit the other way


  woody 00:07 31 Jul 2008

Are you sure you know the number of each screen?

  athenrye 00:12 31 Jul 2008

hi woody
yeh i know how to id the screens
the thing is all thats fine, screen 1 has all the icons and task bar etc

screen 3 has a blank screen with noting on it unless you drag a window onto it...

the thing is its his big tv that the main one and not the computer screen

i need to switch them over
the usual windows properties etc isnt working for me
i think i need the card programme

  athenrye 12:07 31 Jul 2008

needed to install the ati graphics programme that came with the card

works perfect now

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