SANAP 10:17 20 Nov 2003

os is win98se and yesterday I had to run scandisk all the way through and pc rebooted ok. However, on the desktop where I have all my shortcuts they no longer open using the double click. I have in fact to right click and then select open, not very short! What has happened and can I recover the situation?.

I keep PC switched on and a bit reluctant to do a shutdown and re-boot just yet.


  DieSse 10:21 20 Nov 2003

Somehow you may just have got the double-click time set to the fastes possible - it's almost impossible to use then. Go to the Control Panel - Mouse - and make sure the double-click speed box is in the middle of the speed range.

  SANAP 10:31 20 Nov 2003

No, just looked and speed is ok. Actually when I double click the shortcut I get windows explorer properties window so the double click works but does not do what it should do ie open the package.

Thnanks for reply.


  Kitz E Kat 13:12 20 Nov 2003

Try delete the shortcut and then create a new one...

My be that the scandisk removed the 'link', why i ain't got the faintest idea!!! but could be..

Try it and see what happens, won't do no harm...

Also i would reboot, sorts out lots of 'funny' problems........

  pj123 13:20 20 Nov 2003

You could try a registry restore. Boot your computer and keep tapping the F8 key until you get a menu. Choose Safe Mode Command Prompt Only and press Enter. When you get to the C:\ prompt type in scanreg /restore and press enter. Don't forget the space between scanreg and /restore.

You should get a window with the last five dates the computer booted properly. Select a date before the problem you have started and press Enter.

  SANAP 20:06 21 Nov 2003

thanks all, it sorted it itself, had a power cut and then when it re-booted all was ok, very strange


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