My Documents Have Gone

  Granger 19:35 16 Jun 2003

I just had a major brain fade and wiped the contents of My Documents in a stupid synchronisation operation. My actual work is safe elsewhere, but I'm worried about WinXP Pro. All the normal folders, i.e. My Pictures, My Data Sources etc have gone and are not in the Recycle Bin. Windows hasn't complained yet, but should I worry?

My Data Sources for the other user does contain config files and a HTC file, whatever that is. Sould I just re-create the folders, or should I do more than that? I know the My Pictures folder is not just any old folder because only there do you get to select a picture as a wallpaper.

  Lú-tzé 20:10 16 Jun 2003

Any possibility of a system restore - if there is a point not too old, it may be possible to go back to where you were.

  Granger 20:15 16 Jun 2003

I'm a bit scared of doing that - I did a system restore once before and it made a real mess. I could create a new user and copy my data over, but it'll mean re-creating alot of settings.

  powerless 20:22 16 Jun 2003

Open up my docs.

Create three new folders.

Rename them, My Pictures, My videos and My music.

Right click each one and click properties.

Click customise. Do what you want from there.

  Granger 20:35 16 Jun 2003

Thanks you two. When I log on as a different user, I should see My Documents appear as Neil's Documents, but its just My Documents. Is this OK? If windows won't mind, then neither do I.

  xalemo 20:39 16 Jun 2003

Have you already tried in the display setting to select show My docs on the desktop?

  Granger 20:51 16 Jun 2003

xalemo - I don't understand how this will help?

Powerless - this is interesting. For some reason, a new folder called My Pictures, My Videos or My Music doesn't have the Customise tab. Any other folder does.

  xalemo 21:01 16 Jun 2003

just a thought, sorry about the confusion

  powerless 21:02 16 Jun 2003

my docs, my pics, my vids also do not have the cutomise tab.

But if i create a new folder i am give that option.

If they are named corectly tp put the picture that reprents each folder. You need powertoys for XP tgis will rebuild the icons.

A simple click does it.

click here Install - Then open and go to Repair.

  Granger 22:49 16 Jun 2003

You're right, the icons are important. I looked at the backed up folders on my USB HDD, and My Pictures there had the customise tab. I changed the icon, and it changed the name to Neil's Pictures! My Videos I re-created by opening Movie Maker. I tried the same trick with My Music, using Media Player - it created the folder but with the standard icon. Using Paint did not create a My Pictures folder.

I already had Powertoys and didn't think of trying it. It didn't work, just jumbled up my desktop! But I also saw it has a feature to change the location of special folders. I didn't change them, but it correctly selected the proper folders, so I guess it's OK.

  Granger 21:52 17 Jun 2003

In case anyone else is ever as stupid as me...the answer is to create the desktop.ini file. I just copied the equivalent for each folder from another user, and substituted my user name where necessary. Works fine now.

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