My Documents gone walkabout

  Bun 16:40 19 Feb 2003

I used to be able to see the My Documents folder when I went into My Computer and then Local Disc C. I can still get to it by going through explorer and it is showing up on the Desktop but where has it gone from My Computer? All suggestions gratefully received except where I can stick it!! Ta

  Diemmess 18:02 19 Feb 2003

Use Explorer to find where the folder is and drag or paste it back onto drive C:

(I prefer to keep data elsewhere in separate folders)

  mad_yin 19:43 19 Feb 2003

you may allso look in windows its self then r click, send to create shortcut on desktop its worth a user it also will work with 98 not got xp to try but gess will be the same

  temp003 03:21 20 Feb 2003

Have you recently upgraded from 98/Me to XP?

The My Documents folder appears in different places in different operating systems.

In 98/Me, it's immediately under C:, i.e. C:\My Documents (I think). So if you click Local Disk C in My Computer, you can see the folder immediately.

In Win2k, and XP, it's placed at C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\My Documents. So you have to go deeper. This is because these OS's operate under different user accounts, and each user has his own My Documents folder.

If there has been a change of OS, there is no real need to change the location itself, since the folder can be accessed from the desktop icon anyway. If you have not upgraded your OS, you should worry about why it's changed without your intervention.

If you do decide to move the folder up, to immediately under C:, after you do so, you should also change the target/shortcut of the My Documents icon on the desktop. Right click the icon on the desktop, Properties, Move, and select C:\My Documents. Otherwise, next time you click the icon, you will be prompted to re-create the folder at the old location, and things will be saved at the same old place.

If you want to have a new folder for your data, as suggested by Diemmess, you can create a new folder, wherever you like, say C:\Data, or on a different partition, say D:\, or D:\Data. Then right click the desktop My Documents icon (as above), and move the target to the new folder. You'll be asked whether you want to move the contents of the My Documents folder to the new folder. Make your choice. Then you should also right click the icon and rename it to the name of the new folder, to avoid confusion.

Then next time you try to save something, the default location for saving it will be the new folder, instead of My Documents.

  Bun 12:10 20 Feb 2003

Thanks to all for the input.

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