Bonzy 16:00 18 Aug 2005

Hello Friends, I'd appreciate your advise on how to sort out my messed up folders. My enterprise networked pc runs on WinXP Pro. I realise there are 2 "My Documents" folders on it. When I right-click the "My Computer" icon on the desktop and click on "explore" the hieracy in the left pane appears ok. The 1st item is Folders, right? Then Desktop. Under this comes My Douments which contains My Music and My Pictures subfolders then the others follow. Under the C: drive there's Documents and Settings, then a folder bearing my name(Bonzy), then Bonzy's Documents\Bonzy's Music, Bonzy's Pictures, My Documets. Double-clicking My Documents open brings up My Music, My Pictures etc folders. Kindly tell me this: What's the difference between the My Documents folder above the C drive icon and the My Documents folder within the Cdrive itself and why all this confusion? All my files are on My Documents on the C: drive;the My Docuents folder above C: icon is empty. Which i which. I'm confused.

  Sethhaniel 16:07 18 Aug 2005

as the one above 'C' is just a quick link

  Bonzy 07:20 19 Aug 2005

Thanks, Sethhaniel. Unfortunately these 2 don't have the same files. In fact this pc is a new pc, so I had to backup the My Docments folder and its contents from the older pc, which was also running WinXP Pro, and load into this new one.In this new pc, the My Documents folder above the C: drive has only 2 folders, these are My Music and My Pictures folders only. The My Documents folder within the C: drive has the following path: C:\Documents and Settings\Bonzy\Bonzy's Documents\Bonzy's Music + Bonzy's Pictures + My Documents\My Music + My Pictures + a folder I'd created on the older pc.
Please note that "Bonzy" is my name.
It appears there's a bit of a mess up. How do I sort it out? Please help. Thanx in advance.

  Fellsider 09:41 19 Aug 2005

Have you got a user 'Bonzy' on the system in addition to your own?

If so, delete it and these folders should go.(obviously after you have saved anything of importance)

  ACOLYTE 10:06 19 Aug 2005

I think what you may have done is when you backed up the My docs folder from the other PC and copied them to the new one, is not copied them back to the same place as they where on the old one.There would already have been My Music and My Pictures folders already on the new pc what you should have done is copied them to those where those folders where and not inside those folders,creating only one copy of each folder instead of two,hope that makes sence.

  griffon 56 13:14 19 Aug 2005

Hi Bonzy, I agree with Sethaniel. I had a similar problem with Win98SE some while ago, when multiple 'My Docs' were created accidentally. The problem with XP is that by default it puts in a long path to the C drive 'My Docs', including the user name to separate multi-users, and I don't think you can make it shorter. It creates problems of having names with too many characters when burning to CD or backing up. It did with my setup. Perhaps the Microsoft Knowledge Base has something on this

  griffon 56 13:18 19 Aug 2005

P.S. Provided you make a backup first you could try deleting the second 'My Docs', the one without your name, and see what happens. I have a vague memory that that was how the problem was cured with my old system.

  Granger 15:22 19 Aug 2005

I caused myself this problem once when I copied a backup My Documents over. The problem was that I actually copied over the whole My Documents folder instead of just its contents. Did you do this? If so, the easiest answer may be to just create a new account and this time copy the contents of My Documents.

  Bonzy 11:55 20 Aug 2005

Yes, Granger, that's the same mistake I made! I just backed up the whole of the My Documents folder from the older pc onto a memory stick and copied it into the new pc.
So, what exactly do you mean by "create a new account"? A new account on the new pc or a new account on the enterprise network?
Thanx in advance?

  ACOLYTE 11:59 20 Aug 2005

Just copy all the stuff from the my docs you dont want then delete the folder,it should be ok it didnt i dont think make a new account just duplicated the folders twice so delete the ones you dont want after copying the contents.

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