"My Documents"

  misog 21:53 02 Jun 2003

When I move the cursor to the top edge of the screen of my desk top the contents of "My Documents" is displayed and when I move it to the right hand edge the contents of "Online Services" are displayed. Whot have I done. I am running Windows ME

  VoG™ 22:08 02 Jun 2003

Has this always happened? If not try a System Restore to a time before this happened.

Do these folders appear on their own or on a grey bar across the screen?

  misog 22:10 02 Jun 2003

On a grey bar across or down the screen. Restore is a option but Zonealarm stops restore points being created so could be going back a long time

  VoG™ 22:17 02 Jun 2003

I did't know that ZA stopped restore points being created. I would appreciate more information on this since "restore points not working" is a frequent topic.

You've managed to create some quick launch (or similar) toolbars that are set to "Auto-Hide". Right click part of the Grey area and you should see a list of Toolbars - those with ticks are enabled. Try unticking some. This will be a trial and error process. You can also right click an empty area of the bar across the bottom of your screen to accomplish the same.

  misog 22:44 02 Jun 2003

I got in such a mess that I did a restore to a point created when windows was updated.
The subject of Zonealarm and restore points I have raised in the past under a previous name.
It is a known problem with Zonealarm but no updates have ever fixed the problem. This problem with ZA started when version 3 was released.

  -pops- 07:38 03 Jun 2003

I can't answer your problem but I can say that any program, like you are saying Zonealarm is, which interferes with other programs needs to be ditched in the deepest ocean you can find - and urgently.

It is totally unacceptable for software to do this to any program but especially one so potentially important as system restore.

I can't help thinking that this is not a universal problem as little on the matter seems to have been raised before and I feel that the designers of the software would have done something about the problem. If not, I think it an unsurmountable reason to not use this software - there are plenty of alternatives, also free.


  misog 09:15 03 Jun 2003

Despite clicking on check for update and being told that no update is available it appears that there is a later version of Zone Alarm 37. 159.
I am running 37. 143.
I will see if the later version clears the problem with restore points.
I will start a new post for ZA as I wonder how many others are running a older version.

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