my disk drive doesnt work. please help!

  johnnyk76 18:04 27 Mar 2007

can anyone help me please? my disk drive (NEC DVD RW ND-3550A) has stopped working all of a sudden. pc only a few months old. device manager says it is working?

  jack 19:17 27 Mar 2007

Explain further what is not happening
is it not reading or not wrting?
If it is a new drive- did you install it or is the PC new?
If you installed it simply make sure the ribbon cable is fully connected both ends.

Use a CD disc drive cleaner[A fiver in most Superstores] its a disk with a ittle bruch and a tubs of fluid.

And of course if all else fails at only a few months old - take it back.

  skidzy 19:21 27 Mar 2007

Is the drive listed in My Computer ?

Any error codes ?

  UncleP 23:07 27 Mar 2007

Something similar happened to me last week. My NEC DVD-RW (3540A) stopped responding to any disk I loaded into it. Looking at its properties in MyComputer yielded 'this drive is working properly' - not from where I'm sitting!

I suspected I knew the cause; I have a small upstairs room for my computer, domestic papers and files etc. My wife had insisted on a new carpet about 18 months ago, and I had noticed that the amount of dust around had increased noticeably (I do hoover the carpet and wipe down the furniture occasionally).

So I bought a 'CD/DVD lens cleaner', as suggested by Jack above, from the local small business suppliers. Very simple, just a CD which you place in the drive, no liquids or brushes required (so it lasts only for 30 goes). It cleans and plays you some music - and worked first time! So I'll run it every month or so to try to avoid a repetition of the fault and keep the optical surfaces clean.

Mind you, if your new computer lasted only a few months either
(a) you were a tad unlucky, or
(b) your room is knee-deep in dust, or
(c) it has a different fault.
(Sorry, I hope this doesn't come across as offensive - facetious, possibly, but not offensive).

  woodchip 23:37 27 Mar 2007

It's best to only use a Cleaner as and when it's needed. as they can scratch the Laser lense

  UncleP 10:16 28 Mar 2007

I'm surprised - are the optical surfaces coated?

  woodchip 14:54 28 Mar 2007

Don't think so. but you should use sparingly

  UncleP 03:00 01 Apr 2007

Thanks for the information - I'll try to determine the optimum interval between cleaning to minimize damage. I'm also trying to reduce the amount of dust in the computer room.

johnnyk76: my apologies for 'borrowing' your thread. Have you had any success in getting your drive operating again?

  woodchip 20:20 01 Apr 2007

Smoking is one of the worst things for a computer and Hard Drive. if you had seen what I have

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