My Disk Drawer Keeps Opening.

  Alexx_B 20:19 20 Oct 2008


Sometimes after startup on my laptop my disk drawer opens, and keeps opening no matter how many times you close it.
Why does it do that? Its not every time i switch on, but does happen sometimes.
The only thing to do is restart.

The computer in Dell Inspiron 1720. Windows Vista.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

  MAT ALAN 20:23 20 Oct 2008

click here

few things to try here...

  Technotiger 20:26 20 Oct 2008

This could be caused by Malware - I advise you to run all the anti-everything programs you have. Also you could run click here in its default settings, which might help.

  Alexx_B 13:37 21 Oct 2008

I run the antivirus scan, I have Norton 360.
It found one tracking cookie, can a tracking cookie cause this?

  hiwatt 13:47 21 Oct 2008

No a tracking cookie won't be the cause.Check what's running in processes in task manager and see if anything refers to cd.Also check that the eject button isn't stuck.Download and run malwarebytes click here

  realist 19:50 21 Oct 2008

I had the opposite problem that the drawer would stick in the closed position so I installed Wineject to control it. Might be worth a try.
click here

  Alexx_B 21:59 27 Oct 2008

I downloaded Malwarebytes today and ran a full scan. It took 1hr 50 mins and found nothing. The drawer still continues opening every now and then until its restarted. Maybe I won't find the cause.

  woodchip 22:12 27 Oct 2008

If you have Nero, and been doing recording it may be that you did not follow NERO procedure on closing down. If you did the above, try with another Disc burn

  Alexx_B 13:40 28 Oct 2008

Hi woodchip. I dont have NERO, but your message made me think. I think the last thing i did on the pc was after scanning with norton 360, backup files onto a data disk, but after waiting for it to back up, it failed for some reason and I havent retried. Could that be why?

  cocteau48 14:13 28 Oct 2008

This sounds like a hardware fault to me.
I have the same issues on my aging desktop - drawer keeps opening and increasing failures during the burn process.
I ended up buying a new external CD/DVD drive unit which works faultlessly.
So long as I do not use the drive in the tower unit it does settle down and remains shut but if I forget and use it by mistake it opens for a day or two.
It is not a cure but I did find that one way to stop the drawer opening was to stick a blank disc in it.

  woodchip 16:02 28 Oct 2008

Yes sounds like it could be a faulty drive, they are cheap to replace

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