My disc refuses to format

  Eileanbeag 23:00 30 Dec 2003

I am trying to format my hard drive but when the format begins I get a message "Checking for bad sectors 1%complete. Insufficient memory. What kind of memory - I had thought I had sufficient. Can anyone please help.

  Eileanbeag 23:03 30 Dec 2003

Sorry - how stupid of me - Windows 98SE

  Eileanbeag 23:06 30 Dec 2003

No - how would that help?

  woodchip 23:13 30 Dec 2003

Are you running Format from Dos or trying to run in windows. As you should do this from DOS, With a Win98 Startup disc At A:\> just type FORMAT C: press enter

  woodchip 23:21 30 Dec 2003

PS if it still will not format! Start with floppy Win98 disc and type SCANDISK C:

  Eileanbeag 23:23 30 Dec 2003

Had a look at Article.
Would I endanger the computer (it is not mine) by using the format without the s and then typing in sys.c - but don't inderstand why there isx insufficient memory - i am using start with CD Rom support

  woodchip 23:24 30 Dec 2003

You do not nead sys files you can do them when you reload Windows just C: will do

  Eileanbeag 23:38 30 Dec 2003

How do I add system files when reloading Windows?
Won't be able to try anything tonight as I do not have machine at home. Will keep you posted

  woodchip 11:23 31 Dec 2003

Margo I have sent an E-Mail but forgot to mention It may be a good IDEA to run SCANDISK from the DOS prompt before you try FORMAT like this at A:\>


  Eileanbeag 17:16 31 Dec 2003

Many thanks all - successful operation which I would not have attempted without hyour help!

  woodchip 17:18 31 Dec 2003

Glad to see you sorted it

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