my desktop has gone into deep slumber.

  al shookup 13:25 26 Jun 2017

Everything was okay until I decided to download and install free Malwarebytes and free register cleaner. Somewhere it went belly up and I was given the option of restoring my pc to an earlier date (I have windows 10). When I tried this I got a message saying "restoring files" and whilst the little circle was continuing to spin nothing happened and after 30 mins or so I switched my pc off. When I tried to turn it on at the main switch all I got was a blank screen and what seems to be a dead pc. Can anyone help please?

  wee eddie 13:35 26 Jun 2017

Someone will need to0 know.

What was the registry Cleaner that you tried to install and which site did yo go to, to download them?

The rest I must leave to those more knowledgeable than I.

  MLA2000 14:09 26 Jun 2017

When you try to turn on your PC, do you see ANY response (This can be lights, your monitor turning on from standby, or a momentary splash on the screen, or an audible beep from the machine - are the fans spinning?)

If you bought your PC premade, what is the manufacturer and model of the machine (and the approximate age).

This information should point us in the right direction.

  al shookup 12:05 27 Jun 2017

thanks for all advice, decided to take it in to repairers after all.

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