My daughter-in-law's PC wont load up Windows 98

  Mike_R 15:56 03 Jan 2003
  Mike_R 15:56 03 Jan 2003

The PC gives a message that there's no boot file. She puts in the boot file and then the Win CD but gets the message of no set up files. Using the Norton 2002 rescue disks gets nowhere, nor the emergency Norton CD. There is a quick message that flashes by just after switching on to the effect that BIOS is not loaded as something cannot be found.
The Norton CD when set to scan the drives,replies very quickly that no viruses were found.
I have run the latest acquired CDs through my own Norton 2001 software and found no indication of viruses.
Any advice would be welcome. I shall have a look at the PC tonight and make a note more precisely of the PC replies.

  spikeychris 16:11 03 Jan 2003

Sounds bad and it might end up being a re-install. Try this first > Boot from a floppy boot disk click here and download one if you cant access one and type

Scanreg /restore

-- Restores the Registry; you're asked to choose from the backed-up versions. If that fails try

Scanreg /fix

-- Repairs the Registry.

The MBR might be damaged but try the above first and post back if it fails.


  spikeychris 16:16 03 Jan 2003

You could also boot into the BIOS and hit F10 this will set the defaults. Clearing the CMOS could also help, there should be a little sticker inside the machine explaining how to do this. If theres not you could take out the battery for half an hour or so, this will reset EVERYTHING so write the settings down first.

A BIOS flash might also help but this should be a last resort.

  Mike_R 17:09 03 Jan 2003

Thanks. But I'm afraid that I am getting a little lost. What is the BIOS and how do I boot into it?

  spikeychris 17:51 03 Jan 2003

Sorry Mike_R the BIOS is as the above. It is responsible for booting the computer by providing a basic set of instructions.

Whilst your machine is booting up you should see on screen instructions on how to enter "setup" it will be something like ESC or DEL keys. Once pressed you are in the BIOS. If you press the F10 key it will reset the BIOS to default, as in set all options to the safest running options.

Try my first option then come back if it fails and ask about the BIOS.


  Mike_R 17:59 03 Jan 2003

Thanks again. I managed to find an article in Yahoo about the BIOS and it is a bit clearer now. The BIOS message, I think, referred to missing drivers so perhaps it is a corrupt registry. I'm now not visiting my d-in-l until Sunday at the earliest so probably will not get back until Monday.
Have a nice week end!

  spikeychris 18:06 03 Jan 2003

Same to you, don't forget to post back with results....

  rickf 18:26 03 Jan 2003

Just a thought. If on trying to boot up the drive is not recognised it could mean that the h/d is now faulty. I may be barking up the wrong tree but I had to change a friend's h/d a few months ago with what sounds like the same prob. If it is you would need a new hd. Hope it works out for you.

  woodchip 18:53 03 Jan 2003

You could try Start with Win98 floppy disc at A:\type SYS C: press enter to load the system files from the floppy disc it will overwrite the old

  Mike_R 18:11 05 Jan 2003

Tried again this afternoon but no luck. With both the internal boot and the floppy boot a message is flashed quickly acroos the screen, and which is
D3 not detected
Ultra 100 BIOS not installed because there were no disk drives attached".
Also on running the Norton rescue disk I eventually get "Error restoring to hard disk".
I got no prompts to run Scandisk during the booting but tried at the end of the attempt with the internal boot and the floppy boot, following the instructions in the Mesh handbook. All I got was "Bad command or file not found".
I tried loading the Windows 98 disk and running under option 1 Start windows set up from CD-ROM but got "The Windows 98 set up files were not found". I tried the Scandisk after the boot failure and after the Windows 98 CD failure but only got "Bad command ..." It was the same result with the SYS.
What now? And what's more, both Preston and Blackpool lost.

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