my dads folders are all jumbled up? help please.

  agent 47 21:48 21 Feb 2006

my dad has messed up his pc by moving his windows "my documents" folder along with other folders and i cant get them back to their proper place, he has also named other folders my documents and for some reason, windows thinks that the folder he has named my documents is the windows default?
but he has named that many. and i cant find the things he needs.
he has windows xp pro, and if i click on start button and opposite click my documents, click properties, the target location points to - C:\Documents and Settings\brian\pictures\dock\bosso\My Documents.

and also on my pc, i have xp pro, and if i click on my documents properties there is a button to click to restore default, but none on my dads?.
what can i do to rectify this problem?
thanks, agent47!

  VoG II 21:51 21 Feb 2006

Right-click on My Documents on the desktop or in the Start menu and choose Properties. Click on Find Target to select the new location, and click on OK. In the Move Documents box, click on Yes to move the documents.

Make sure no documents are open when you do this.

  johnnyrocker 00:00 22 Feb 2006

how about system restore to prior him playing?


  Bagsey 10:34 22 Feb 2006

Would that work with Data folders ??

  agent 47 10:57 22 Feb 2006

i ran a search for "my documents" and it came up with 16 folders named my documents?
also he had 12 "my pictures" folders and lots of other copys of things he has been messing with!
anyway i finally found it and i have restored them to their original location.
i have just got to sort out all of the other folders now!!!!!
thanks for the help.

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