My dad left my PC in our storage room without heat

  lilboat 19:33 22 Jun 2017

So my dad left my PC in our storage room outside without heat for 2 weeks while we were on vacation in greece. Before my PC was working without problems but when i got home today i started my PC and i was logging in (win8) and then it just shut down like the power cut or something. I tried booting up the PC again and again but it just wouldnt stop shutting down by itself.

  MJS WARLORD 20:32 22 Jun 2017

dont know how old you are or how much you know about pc's , as you turn on pc keep tapping f8 to bring up safe mode to get you to desktop then in search box type reliability history and look at red x markers to see crash or error reports.

what do you see on different screens as your pc is booting up.

forum helpers need a bit more information other than just saying .... wont stop shutting down..... any grinding noises could be dying hard drive .... are fans running very fast....

greece is a hot country even in an outside storeroom but look inside pc for any signs of condensation or damp that might have occurred during a sudden drop in overnight temprature.

  wee eddie 21:00 22 Jun 2017

Was it damp or dusty, where it was stored while you were on holiday?

Is it a Desktop or a Laptop?

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