is my dad being ripped off.

  pepa 10:02 25 Apr 2006

my dad got a black screen on start up with a message saying ntlddr is missing thats as far as it would go it would not load windows but the computer shop charged him 30 pounds that seems a bit much to me for amissing file any help

  Devil Fish 10:06 25 Apr 2006

£30 to sort the problem thats not bad

  Shortstop 10:08 25 Apr 2006

£30 to turn a [very heavy] paperweight into a working computer seems OK to me as well.

You do not know that this was the ONLY issue and as the PC is now working you have received what you paid for.

  rmcqua 10:11 25 Apr 2006

£30 for a professional fix (no matter how simple) from a shop with all the overheads that entails seems very reasonable. Any idea how much it costs to call out a washing machine repair person these days?

  wee eddie 10:12 25 Apr 2006

How old was the PC?

Did he buy it from the shop that you mentioned?

  johnnyrocker 10:17 25 Apr 2006

very reasonable charge i would say for a person to fix what you could not, and way cheaper than a replacement.


  Starfox 10:26 25 Apr 2006

I would have been very happy with that, quite fair I would say.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:31 25 Apr 2006

That is incredibly cheap. Round here it costs £55 just to get plumbers to lift htheir idle backsides from bed to look at a problem. You then have to pay £35/half-hour.

Of course it would have cost you nothing if you had posteD here first.


  Wak 10:32 25 Apr 2006

A man got a large dent in his new car and took it to the body repair shop.
The Bodyman came out, had a look, opened the boot and then hit the interior with a large hammer. The dent popped out.
He then presented the bill, "To repairing dent = £80".
The owner complained that he only hit it with a hammer and £80 was a bit much.
The Bodyman took the bill and altered it to "To hitting car with hammer = £5, To knowing how to hit car with hammer = £75. Total - £80"

  ACOLYTE 10:59 25 Apr 2006

Lets hope the lacquer didn't crack)

  spuds 12:16 25 Apr 2006

In my neck of the woods, computer technicians come in the form of about "£40 to £60" to look at something.

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