my cursor keeps jumping

  scholesboy 19:49 19 Mar 2006

can someone plz help, my mouse cursor keeps jumping to different places on my computer screen , im running windows xp and im using a infared usb mouse any ideas guys ????

  hzhzhz 19:52 19 Mar 2006

Try using the mouse on a different mat or without a mat. Experiment and see if it cures the problem.

  hzhzhz 19:53 19 Mar 2006

Also check that there are no bits of fluff etc lodged where the IF light is.

  bemuzed 20:02 19 Mar 2006

try resynchronisiong

  woodchip 20:03 19 Mar 2006

Does battery's need replacing

  the computerdood 20:04 19 Mar 2006

r u using a desktop or a laptop

  scholesboy 16:32 21 Mar 2006

i am using a ps2 mouse NOT a usb it is infa red, im using a desktop , how do you resynchronise it ????? , there are no bits of fluff in it , could it be a virus on my system ???????

  scholesboy 19:00 02 Apr 2006

has anyone got any help for the above subject plz, you have sorted all my other probs out plz

  ACOLYTE 19:08 02 Apr 2006

What surface are you using it on,some surfaces can reflect the beam.

  scholesboy 19:29 02 Apr 2006

im using a plain wooden desk surface

  woodchip 22:07 02 Apr 2006

Try it on a blank A4 page

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