My CPU may have a problem

  xania 19:31 16 Sep 2003

PC is self built with AOpen AK73 Pro with Duron 800 MHz cpu, 256K ram and Windows 98Se instlaled. System has run well for ages but recently has taken to fressing up either during or immediately after Windows start-up (first thing in the morning) sometimes twice before the system settles, but, thereafter works normally.

The last couple of days, things have escallated with the internal Dr. Voice announcing immedaitely after POST that 'Your CPU may have a problem' over and over until the PC is switched off at the wall (neither on or reset buttons will work). This happens only once, then the machine goes into the same boot cycle of one or two freeze-ups before settling down for the day. Of course, if the PC is left on over night - no problem.

It occurs to me that this is a problem that heat seems to over come, but I have checked that all cards, CPU, and RAM are tightly installed and all fans are working correctly. Now I've run out of ideas.

  xania 20:40 16 Sep 2003

Kitz E Kat

I have checked Device Manager as there was a separate problem with the printer, but there was nothing else wrong and, as I said, once its going, it just keeps going. Only card installed is the graphics cards - sound is on-board, modem is external serial and printer is USB.


I did think that I had a power problem - once the power gave up but I managed to sort this out - don't know how. The fan on the Mobo was sticking but I've cleared that - and the CPU fan (just in case) - with a good blast of air, but I don't seem to have a heat problem - seems more like a cold problem.

Any other ideas anyone?

  xania 00:16 17 Sep 2003

Kitz E Kat

No, I'm still with the same power supply for the present leaving the PC on permanently so that we can complete a project this week. I think I'll get a new power supply - they don't go bad - and fit that early nest week.

  xania 19:17 17 Sep 2003


What's the best way to test the RAM module, please. I will be replacing the POewer supply early next week, but, if that does not cure the problem, and, assuming no RAM weaknesses, it looks as if I'll have to replace the CPU - may take the opportunity to upgrade at the same time.

I'll keep this tread open a little longer, in case any one else comes up with any ideas.

Thanks, all, for help to date.

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