Is my CPU a bottleneck HELP please!

  Vigan Mulliqi 17:30 24 Jun 2018

i have a i5 660 and my gpu is gtx 1050 ti ram: 8 GB guys is my cpu a bottleneck help please IT HAPPENS IN FORTNITE this is the last time i will talk about my cpu i get fps drops & sluttering i watched videos testing out gtx 1050 ti benchmark from the video: ([click here - fps avg. 172fps medium - fps avg. 103.5fps high - fps avg. 68.7fps epic - fps avg. 58.7fps ] i can't even get more than 150fps on full low so is my cpu really that bat and what will be a good cpu for my motherboard please help me i dont want to change my motherboard it will cost a lot motherboard model: ASUSTeK Computer INC. P7Q57-M DO (LGA1156)


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