Is my connection secure?

  BigRik 19:34 07 Aug 2008

Hi guys & gals.

I recently changed the security on my BT Voyager 2110 wireless ADSL router from WEP to WPA2.

When I was using WEP security, and I right-clicked the connection icon in the bottom right of the toolbar, then hit 'connect to a network', it showed my connection followed by 'security enabled network'. However, it now just says 'connected'.

So, is there another way to check my connection is secure?

  ashley1215 19:59 07 Aug 2008

it depends what OS (operating System) you have if it is vista i cant help you. But... if your running Windows XP SP2 then your in luck.
reply for info.

  BigRik 20:19 07 Aug 2008

Sorry ashley1215, I forgot to mention it's Vista. Try anyway if you like. Perhaps the difference is slight.

Thanks for your time in any case (and Marg7!).

  BigRik 20:57 07 Aug 2008

Thanks Marg7.

I found the info you were pointing me towards, though it is done differently in Vista.

The security type is right, the encryption type is correct, but the password only shows 8 dots, whereas my code is longer.

Should this be the case?

  cardwell3 21:01 07 Aug 2008

if you can get up the status of the on properties.....on the top tab click on Wierless networks.....and click on your network... and click remove (warning be sure that you now the wep Key or the network password) one it is removed try and connect to it using your mind to crack it with out using the real password.
Also put in the password with Uppercase and lowercase typing

  cardwell3 21:02 07 Aug 2008


  cardwell3 21:07 07 Aug 2008

when it has a load of dots more than the original password is to confuse people that try to copy your password and place it somewhere else. it is to totaly throw them off the scent of cracking your password

  BigRik 21:21 07 Aug 2008

Thanks for all your help.

I won't try your suggestion cardwell3, as it seems from both Marg7's last post and your own, I seem to be OK.

As a final check, I'll get a friend to pop 'round with their lappy and see if they can connect.

You've both been absolute stars. Thanks again.

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