My connection dialog box pops up at odd times

  Ms_Dial 16:45 11 May 2004

*E-machine 433i tower, WindowsME, 256MB RAM -

I click on Norton, My Documents, My Computer, etc the My Connection dialog box pops up and not until I click cancel on it will what I originally clicked on appear - what is causing this?

  Diodorus Siculus 17:17 11 May 2004

Possibly a spyware problem - click here
AdAware click here
Spybot-S&D click here
CWS - some of these may help.

  mackaycc 18:18 11 May 2004

Your best bet to get to the root of this problem is to get a firewall which will tell you what program is trying to connect to the Internet.

click here

  end 18:25 11 May 2004

??has this only just started or has it happened since January"ish???

  VCR97 20:03 11 May 2004

My connection box pops up whenever I open HELP in MS Paint!! This has happened since I got the (new) computer so I assume that it's a software bug.

  end 20:17 11 May 2004

so not "associated" with January???(there is a good reason FOR that question (may just be a "red herring") !!

  Ms_Dial 16:30 12 May 2004

It has been happening since a few weeks after I got my pc updated (January) from Win98 to WinME and my power source replaced.

  Ms_Dial 16:49 12 May 2004

Spyware progs - have all those already :o)

Firewalls - don't know anything about them and with all the problems my pc's been having (blurred text display/no shutdown) I'm afraid to put anymore stuff on it.

  GaT7 17:21 12 May 2004

1. Open IE. Go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced. Under Browsing, UNcheck the 'Automatically check for Internet Explorer updates' box. Click Apply, OK. Now check to see if the problem persists. If it does go to step 2....

2. "Modem Automatically Attempts to Establish a Dial-Up Connection When You Start Your Computer or Start a Program" - click here. The article is meant for WinXP, but the concept is the same. (If you're going to change anything in the Registry, be careful & backup your registry before doing so.) Good luck, G

  end 17:34 12 May 2004

this MAY be a "red herring"....what i am "getting at" is that , in January of this year Norton Antivirus ran an update with an unsafe certificate; I downloaded that update and, unknowingly, thought I had got spyware, as my computer constantly tried to dial up to find the proper certificate; cant find the old thread on here (even jsut done a search for it); but, you COULD try going to internet options, advanced, and uncheck the publishers revocation certificate; see if that "does it" for you. then go into Norton and check with the Response centre for the news about that Certificate and from wher to get a proper one. may help you, but if not then......

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