My computer won't work with any monitor or graphics card

  Mophead9090 10:52 26 Sep 2013

A week ago, after the infuriating fan noise from my Alienware aurora R4 started driving me crazy, I decided to look up the problem and fix it and after i found the problem andI cleaned the crap off my coolant system chip, plugged my rig back in, and got ready to enjoy the silence I was used to. Then a problem arose. The monitor I was using, for some reason, wasn't showing an image. So I check that all the connection were right, the right cable in the right hole, and the TV on the right channel and reset the PC and monitor then started again, monitor doesn't work. I move my Pc to another room, try a different monitor and cable but once again when I turned the Pc on, no image. I found my old monitor from years ago, plugged it all in and again. After moving the graphics card to another slot, and trying again.... Still nothing on the monitor. This point I mange to con a friend into letting me test my graphics card (Geforce 550) In his computer, but sadly he didn't have the the correct cables to even power the card in his computer. So we took his graphics card and tried that in my computer and same as before it didn't work. I've checked if I've knocked something while inside my PC, and nothing was wobbly. I cleaned the minute dust out of the graphics card and the RAM slots and still nothing shows up on the screen. I've checked out th CPU (which I stupidly removed looking for the problem with my cooling system), and put it back and I've even tried two power cables after thinking it could be that, but nothing seems to work. Each time the computer sounds like it booting properly, the fans all work, even the one on the graphics card, but the monitor isn't getting any signals from the computer. I admit I'm not a professional computer person, so there might be a detail that your screaming at me, that I've missed something simple, but can anyone help me?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:08 26 Sep 2013

Motherboard make and model?

4 pin plug in board near cpu?

power plug to graphics card?

  bumpkin 13:32 26 Sep 2013

Are the monitors powered via the PC?

  bumpkin 13:35 26 Sep 2013

Are the monitors powered via the PC?

  Mophead9090 14:39 26 Sep 2013

All the monitors are powered independently. And The motherboard is a micro-ATX X79 motherboard I think, And I'm not sure i know what you mean fruit bat, with the other two questions

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:57 26 Sep 2013
  Mophead9090 20:20 27 Sep 2013

I've checked and it's not the CPU or the graphics card. Is it possible for a motherboard to be fried and still power up all the components?

  lotvic 20:37 27 Sep 2013

Did you clean off the old paste and put new Thermal Paste on before you put the CPU and cooler back in?

  rdave13 20:53 27 Sep 2013

Remove the GPU card and use the onboard gpu if it has one. Do you now get an image? If all the fans run at bootup and the PC shuts down then your CPU is either fried or no coolant paste applied.

  Mophead9090 15:53 28 Sep 2013

I didn't put fresh coolant on (stupidly), could applying clean paste fix the issue? And Would the computer boot with everything working if the CPU was fried?

  woodchip 16:03 28 Sep 2013

Try a new PSU. Fans etc will can still work when its blown, so don't say but this is working

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