My computer won't turn back on after unplugging it

  davidsjberg 18:45 28 Feb 2018

So this had happened a few times through out the last year. Sometimes when I unplugged the computer it wouldn't let me turn it back on for about 5-20 minutes and it wouldn't show any signs of power either. Yesterday when I unplugged the power cable to move my pc downstairs it happened again, only this time the computer wouldn't turn back on no matter how long I waited. After waiting for about 15 hours and looking around the internet I figured it must be the PSU that is broken since the computer showed absolutely no signs of power. So I bought a new PSU went back home and installed it, and the computer worked...until I unplugged the power cable again to move my pc and now it is back to being completely dead. Can someone please help me pinpoint exactly what is the problem because I don't want to have to spend more money buying unecessary parts. Is there anything that you can rule out? It's like my computer just randomly decides when it wants to start working and then it does so perfectly until I unplug it again and it's dead for however long it feels like. I built the computer myself almost 3 years ago. Specs: Asrock Z97M Pro4 motherboard i7 4790k gtx 980 16gb ram corsair 240 air chassi 1 ssd 2 hdd

  davidsjberg 18:49 28 Feb 2018

I should mention that the old psu was 550w and the new one was 750w.

  wee eddie 23:05 28 Feb 2018

Have you checked the battery one the CPU?

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