My Computer wont recognise a disc in my DVD Drive

  foresters 21:31 15 May 2005

I have a Mesh Computer with XP Home. I recently installed SP2 and all was well until recently I noticed My Computer doesn't recognise nt DVD or DVD RW drive. However, I can play CD's & DVD's though Media Player etc. The problem is that I can't burn any CD's or DVD's because the blank disc are not recognised. I have tried the disc in other PC's and they are OK. If I put a pre-recorded music CD in either drive and switch on the PC "My Computer" recognises it. But this doesn't work with blank disc. Mesh tell me its a software problem and I need to re-install windows. This seems a bit drastic because they only did a couple of checks before suggesting this. Does anyone have any ideas?


  Mr Beeline 22:46 15 May 2005

Can you suply more info please...

You say "My Computer doesn't recognise nt DVD or DVD RW drive"

But you then go on and say "However, I can play CD's & DVD's though Media Player"

I'm a bit confused by the above. Because if you can used Windows media player, then your PC must be recognising your drive/s!?

Also... "If I put a pre-recorded music CD in either drive and switch on the PC "My Computer" recognises it. But this doesn't work with blank disc."

A blank recordable disc will almost certainly not be recognised by a CD/DVD ROM drive (only after data has been written to it and the session closed). Though it should be recognised by a CD RW drive. If not, it maybe sounds like you've got a problem with the CD RW drive!

You also say "The problem is that I can't burn any CD's or DVD's because the blank disc are not recognised"

What do you mean by this? Are you saying that the software that you are using to copy your cd's etc. does not recognise the blank CD? If this is the case. What exactly happens???

Also.. what software are you trying to use to copy your CD's? (EG. NERO6, INSTANT CD/DVD etc.)

You can try going to MY COMPUTER, right click on your CD RW drive and select properties. I suggest making sure that "prompt me each time to choose an action" is checked. At least this way you should see a prompt pop up when you insert a blank disc into your CD RW drive.

Also while you are in the properties. Go to the recording tab and check that "enable CD recording on this drive" is enabled.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

  Mr Beeline 22:55 15 May 2005

NB. When I say "CD", this should equally apply to a DVD RW, or combo type drive.

I also have a MESH PC and installed SP2... and the only problem that I had, was that the version of NERO that I had did not support SP2 and I had to download the latest version. Any chance this could your problem?

I find it amazing that MESH suggest re-installing Windows!!! As I would always view this as very much a last ditch deperation measure (one I've not had to resort to in about the last 10 years). As the SP2 install should create a "checkpoint" you could always try rolling the update back.

Good luck...

  foresters 19:28 16 May 2005

Thanks for responding. Let me try to explain what I mean when I say "I cant view the disc in My Computer". When in "My Computer" with say, a music disc, in the "D" drive (DVD Rom) and I double click on the drive I get a warning "D: is not available - incorrect function". I can only explore the disc if I put it in the drive before starting the PC. As I said I can play CD's/DVD's using Media Player & WinDVD4 so the drive is OK. This is more inconvenient than a problem, as I can play CD's & DVD's.
The main problem is the DVD RW drive. If I try to explore a music CD in this drive in "My Computer" I just get a blank screen. Like the "D" Drive I can play the CD in Media Player and explore the disc if I place it in the drive before starting the PC. This is where the problem begins because if I start the PC with a disc in the RW drive and then insert a blank disc it doesn't recognise it in "My Computer" and will no longer recognise a music CD, but still plays it in Media Player.
I'm using Instant CD to burn disc and I have Ulead Video Studio 8 for burning my video's. Both have previously been OK.

Mesh tell me the drives are OK and its a software problem.

  Mr Beeline 22:08 16 May 2005


Must admit that I've not come across anything quite like this before! Rather sounds like Windows is not detecting either of the drives correctly. I suspect this is where MESH's suggestion about re-installing Windows comes from.

If you have not already, try going into the "device manager" and double clicking on each drive in turn and check what Windows says about it (IE. START / CONTROL PANEL / System / hardware / device manager ... and expand the DVD drives icon). It should say something like "device working correctly". You could also try (because it can't do any harm) going to the driver tab and clicking on update driver and see what happens.

Question... how old is the PC? and is it an AMD, or Pentium based machine?

Sorry but not really quite sure what else to suggest, other than to try rolling back the SP2 install.

Anyone else out there got any suggestions????

Let me kow how you get on.

  Mr Beeline 22:13 16 May 2005

Also... I suspect the thing about it appearing to work if you put the disc in and then boot your machine, is related to the fact that the BIOS will have had a look at the disc in the drive to see if it is bootable. This then seems to have got it noticed. Does not really help knowing this but thought I'd mention it.

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