my computer will turn its self on by its self

  GraemeCollett 16:13 07 Dec 2003

At any time the computer just starts all on its own day or night.Normal Windows(xp) shut down,no "wake on" enabled and modem disconnected(broadband via Alcatel usb modem)

  Sir Radfordin 16:37 07 Dec 2003

Does it happen at the same time every day or just randomly?

With some Mesh computers (and no doubt others) you can set, in the BIOS, a keyboard key to power the computer on - got a cat that does tricks?

  GraemeCollett 16:40 07 Dec 2003

Can be any time night or day and all "Wake on" options are disabled in bios

  [email protected]@m 16:46 07 Dec 2003

Perhaps a faulty Start switch. The transistor circuit on the motherboard only needs a small kick to trigger it. Never heard of it before, mind.

  GraemeCollett 16:53 07 Dec 2003

If it was a dodgy start switch it would also turn off at random but it never has!

  Sir Radfordin 16:55 07 Dec 2003

That may not be true (turning off) as the switch on most computers has to be held down to force it to turn off.

May be a loose connection, or a small power surge. Could actually be any number of things. Try unplugging it when you aren't using it should solve the problem ;)

  GraemeCollett 17:11 07 Dec 2003

Turning off isnt an option as I have no Cmos battery to keep the R.T.C. running .Any other thoughts? By the way, is it kind of busy on P.C.A's site or cos its taking forever to download anything??

  Sir Radfordin 17:15 07 Dec 2003

Any reason for not having a Cmos battery??

How old is the computer/ What make?

There have been a few moans that the site is slow, must be the time of the weekend when everyone has nothing better to do than download a few random things to celebrate going back to work on Monday.

  GraemeCollett 17:38 07 Dec 2003

Gigabyte 7vrxp1 motherboard 1gig of ram 1.8 Athlon xp 80 gig Hd. DVD rom and Sony Dru10a DVD rewrite. O.E.M. version of Xp.

  shifty 18:15 07 Dec 2003

A friend had exactly the same problem and it was all down to a sensative start switch. Slightest disturbance or vibration and the system started up, usually in the early hours frightening his wife to death. He managed to replace the switch and cure the problem.

  Sir Radfordin 21:04 07 Dec 2003

Can I be so rude as to ask how you fixed this one please?

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