My computer systems gone senile--Help Wanted !!.

  spuds 23:30 09 May 2003

What a terrible few days. My monitor blew up, so I had to obtain a quick replacement. And at the same time the computer went into senile mode.Blue screen, error messages, you name it, the computer did it.The machine started in safe mode, then it refused to start,then messages telling me to re-install Windows ME or other message suggestions. Eventually, I have got the system back, but in Windows Selective Set-up.Don't ask me how I got there, but I managed to do it.

The question that I put forward:[1] Being in Selective Set-up as brought my computer back to life, but can anyone explain the mode or activity of this 'selective' system. I am at a loss as to what it means and actually does.[2] I have a large amount of programmes that I want to save, should I re-install Windows ME. What is the easy way to save these programmes, for possible transfer to a new installed WME system.You may perhaps suggest back-up, but what is the easy way to do this.I have tried using Windows Help and Support, but this as been difficult at times due to no access through the computer activities.

Please guide me as a novice, as these last few days have taken the shine of computing for me to the extreme, as a silver surfer.Thanks as usual for a advice etc.

  woodchip 23:48 09 May 2003

It means that some things are disabled, so you can start your comp. I am win98 but the idea is that you enable the items one at a time until it stops doing what it should do, then backup on that item in other word find out why that item make your comp act-up

  woodchip 23:50 09 May 2003

PS from another senile

  Lone Crow 00:24 10 May 2003

To expand a bit on woodchip's brief explanation - depending upon how many programs and utilities you have loaded on your PC there is a long list of software elements that windows loads during bootup. Selective startup allows the user to disable elements in the list so that those are not loaded. That means that if you suspect a particular piece of software is causing problems you could disable its startup entry (entries) and see if that improves things. One way way to get at this list is to click on START, then RUN and type msconfig in the box. Click on OKAY. A dialogue box will appear with around 7 tabs on it. The first one shows where you choose selective startup, etc. The 5th one (on WInMe anyway) is labelled STARTUP and if you click on that tab it will produce a list of all the elements that get loaded during bootup. You can check and uncheck whatever you choose. There is a Help menu you can use to learn more. The obvious thing to try in order to sort out your Me is to do a system restore from a point before the blowup. Have you tried that? If not, create a current Restore point first (so you can get back to the current status quo if all goes pear-shaped) then do a restore from a previous Restore Point. Good luck. LC.

  woodchip 00:34 10 May 2003

I did not know Mconfig was in WinME

  spuds 11:46 10 May 2003

Woodchip-Mconfig is in WME, was a route that I used to regain my computer.After consulting Microsoft Help and Support with WME.

Lone Crow-Used the route that you have suggested, to regain access so far. I have managed to return to a 'friendlier' situation.I still have further tests to run, so as to see what the fault was originally.At present I am a little shy in delving to far, in case I upset everything. Nothing like have computer problems for three days, it can send you mental.I wouldn't like to be in the same situation again so soon.

Thanks Woodchip & Lone Crow for the advice.

  woodchip 12:41 10 May 2003

Best thing is have a Image file when all's well. Using Drive Image it only take 5mins to put it all back

  jeez 23:26 10 May 2003

you have system restore in me. click start,programs,accessories,system tools, system restore. select a restore point previous to the date the problems started and restore! easy as that. (system restore can be run from safe mode)

  spuds 10:29 11 May 2003

jeez- Not as simple as that.Having gone into that route, I find that WME can 'dump' previous restore points, if HD storage capacity is low.Calender will not wind back.

  spuds 20:07 11 May 2003

Going to green tick now.But still open for further input and advice.

  woodchip 20:14 11 May 2003

Have you tried running WinME over it's self. but you have to disable AV

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