Is my computer suitable for gaming

  Rhuddlan 21:18 03 Mar 2005

After runing the graphics card on my old comp of 3 years, I don't want to do the same thing to this one. I have just brought an e machines 5250, it has windows xp home sp2 with a 160ATA hard drive, 512 Mb of RAM and an intel graphics card with 64Mb, also an intel pentimun 4 processor at 2.89Ghz. So would you call this pc suitable for gaming? I plan to use FS2002 and some others. Sorry if it's a stupid question to some of you, but I really don't feel comfortable until I know for sure that it is, it's one of the reasons for buying a new pc, not a cheap one either.

  JonnyTub 21:22 03 Mar 2005

the graphics card could do with upgrading

  Rhuddlan 21:27 03 Mar 2005

Jesus! I have only brought it today, surely 64Mb is suitable? Someone plz reassure me?

  Reevey11 21:30 03 Mar 2005

Intel graphics have got better, but they still won't do games justice. A seperate graphics card is so much better.

  JonnyTub 21:31 03 Mar 2005

for the game you want to play probably yes, for more recent ones, no chance

  Jak_1 21:34 03 Mar 2005

64MB for games is not really syfficient, I would say 128MB min but 256MB is more the standard.

  JonnyTub 21:38 03 Mar 2005

minimum sys spec for fs2002 click here

as you can see your's far exceeds the minimum spec, but for newer games you won't get very far

  Ironman556 21:45 03 Mar 2005

You won't get the worlds best graphics out of it, but it should do you for now. I ran games for ages on my PIII 500 with a 16MB Rage Fury, even though they exceeded both the required memory and CPU.

Close all other programs down and you'll be able to play it ok. When it starts becoming a problem with newer games, upgrade the graphics card.

  Kate B 22:58 03 Mar 2005

You might think about upping the Ram, too ...

  freaky 09:54 04 Mar 2005

Provided the game is not too demanding on graphics, then you should be OK.

My older PC has an AMD 1600 + 512mb ram + Nividea + GeForce Pro 64Mb. It plays most games OK.

My new Pc has an AMD 64 3500 with 512mb ram + Nividea FX-5500 with 128Mb, just started playing Half Life-2 and that runs fine. Have not tried this game with the old Pc though!

  jbp1982 10:13 04 Mar 2005

I had an emachines for a week before trailling it back to the shop, and getting a custom build.

In a nut shell my custom build: athlon xp 3200+, 1024mb Kingston RAM, nVIDIA gEfORCE 5700 128mb graphics card and a 160gb Maxtor Daimondmax.

Emachines ship with on board graphics each and everytime, well from my experience anyway, I looked at a lot of them. The one I got would not run a simple pool game I bought for a fiver.

On board means it uses cpu power for graphics processing (i think), a graphics card handles games much better. Ya need to get a card, check your mobo for an AGP slot. Pick up a card like the one I have for 50/60 quid or something, its a while ago I bought it.

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