My computer shuts its self down

  Juppy 20:21 03 Nov 2003

I am seeking help with regard to my computer that switches itself off.

My system consists
Asus A7V8X-X Motherboard purchased 26/06/03

AMD Athlon XP 1600
Athlon 400 PSu
384 PC2100 DDR Ram
all purchased 12/12/01

Radeon 7500 Graphics Card
CD writer

OS is Windows XP professional

For the past two weeks it has been turning itself off.
Everything shuts down, however the light on the front of the case showing there is power remains on.
Pressing the on/off switch or reset button has no effect.

When the machine is unplugged from the mains and then plugged in again it powers and boots itself up and goes into as far as showing the icons for the different users.

I first noticed it shutting itself down when I tried to access disk manager. It now always shuts itself down when I try this move.

It does it when one is going into the various links - either within the programmes set up within the computer - clicking on a short cut icon, or links from one web page to another, or as just now when I clicked on send/receive of my e-mail.

It does not do it so much in the mornings - after I have shut it down through XP the night before or it has been allowed to go into hibernation overnight.

It is more prone to shut down in the evening after it has been in use throughout the day.

It does not normally shut down once it is in a programme or web site. It has never shut down when loading XP or when pressing 'turn off computer'.

On a bad day it happens when pressing the icon to get into an individuals user site, to only when going from one web link to another through the site one is in. Whilst it is unpredictable as to when it will happen, one knows it will happen several times each day - especially in the evening.

I have tried reinstalling XP and it gets to the pop up notice 'installing windows' the switchs itself off. I have noticed that regardless of, the time of day or, previous usage, it always switches itself off when trying to re install windows or accessing disk manager.
All other times one does not know if it is going to work or shut down.

I have put in a different PSU to no effect and a different Video Card again to no effect.

I have not installed any new software for at least 3 months if not longer and the only new hard ware I have put in is a new CPU fan. All other hardware has been installed and running well for over 6 months.

Has any one got any ideas? I would be very grateful for any advice or ideas any one may have.
Regards Mick

  Proxy Worm 20:34 03 Nov 2003

Try downloading a free antivirus from click here. And do a scan. Then get back to us.

  john-232317 20:35 03 Nov 2003

Is the new cpu fan working,the description sounds like it could be an overheat problem.

  bretsky 20:43 03 Nov 2003

I thought the virus sobigf did exactly this, make pcs crash!

Try reformatting your hard drive before reinstalling o/s,sorry I can't be more constructive.............Bretsky....

  Juppy 16:12 04 Nov 2003

I have reinstalled the CPU fan, downloaded AVG virus scanner and Ad-aware and that seems to have done the trick.
Thank you for your advice and links to the various software.


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