is my computer ready for the scrapyard?

  Edward-207256 23:05 22 Jun 2005

i am running windows xp with 512 ddr ram and a 140gb hardrive. The problem i am having is that at random occasions my PC just cuts off, the monitor is still switched on but the tower just completely goes off. When i try to turn it back on, i can't, so i turn the plug off and back on. i then try again but to no avail. I then turn the plug back off and wait a while and try it again. It works for a while and then repeats itself. the longer i leave it the longer it stays on but it is becoming a majour problem.

any ideas??

  Taw® 23:07 22 Jun 2005

Possibilty of overheating. take the cover off and make sure the fan/s are all going and free of dirt, may need a spring clean

  dan11 23:33 22 Jun 2005

it sounds exactly as Taw® has described.

  spuds 23:36 22 Jun 2005

I had a similar problem, and I can only assume it was due to temperature rise.I haven't done anything to my computer since the problem, and it appears to be working okay now.Go with Taw's suggestion.

  Edward-207256 23:40 22 Jun 2005

kk, ill try taws suggestion and get back to you tomorrow, thanks

  Edward-207256 00:00 23 Jun 2005

very hot inside the computer, in all places. The fan looks to be working byt i am wondering whether it isn't big enough for the usage the computer gets. Would it be easy to fit a new fan and if so, what size would be suitable for quite heavy usage. The only fan in the tower is the one attached to the processor.
your thoughts please, thanks, eddy

  Edward-207256 00:08 23 Jun 2005

also very hot around the floppy disk area any ideas?
Cheers Eddy

  dan11 00:23 23 Jun 2005

where you place your computer and the need for extra cooling, are intermixed. if the computer is at floor level and tucked away. It may gather dust and have a poor air flow.

on Sunday, my temp reading in the garden was 40oF. The motherboard temp was 33F and the cpu was ticking over all day at 40oF. It never blinked once.

If you have a large desktop fan, take the sides off the computer, let the fan blow directley on to the cpu fan, at full speed. Start windows.

Is it stable?

  Aspman 10:54 23 Jun 2005

If you can put a fan at the front sucking air in and one at the back blowing air out to have a flow of cool air through the case.
If the fans have very obstructive grills you might want to cut out some of it to let the air in.

Clean your case, make sure the fans have no dust on the fins.

If your leads are cluttering up the case consider changing them to round leads which let more air pass Ebuyer does them very cheaply.

Get a better CPU cooler, if your machine is older Ebay might be an option.

  woodchip 12:13 23 Jun 2005

Is the PSU fan working at the back

  wee eddie 13:18 23 Jun 2005

Only a fan on the CPU!

As woodchip has said, you need to establish a healthy airflow but go for the biggest (slower speed - less noise) extractor fan you can find.

Input fans are of debatable effectiveness.

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