My computer is making a loud "ticking" noise

  jepp5879 13:59 27 Mar 2018

Okey, so my computer recently started to make a very loud and very fast ticking noise, and it has become hard for me to ignore. I suspect it has something to do with my fans, since when i tilt my computer just a little the noise changes and reduces. I opened it up yesterday but couldn't seem to find anything blocking the any of my fans. If you guys have any idea of what could cause this noise and how i might be able to fix it, you are more than welcome to come with suggestions :) Thanks!

  Forum Editor 14:37 27 Mar 2018

Ticking noises like this are very often associated with a failing fan bearing. The fact that there's a change in the sound when you tilt the case, does point to a fan problem.

Are we talking about a desktop machine? if we are, remember that there is a fan inside the Power Supply unit, as well as one on the CPU and possibly another one on the graphics card. if you open the case and lay it on its side when the computer is running, you should be able to locate the source.

  wee eddie 14:51 27 Mar 2018

Do not poke around inside the Power Supply. There are some very high Voltages present

  alanrwood 16:15 27 Mar 2018

----- and they remain there even if the computer is switched off and disconnected from the mains.

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