My computer losses its hard drive

  Dunk 1 13:11 10 Mar 2003

I have a problem with my PC that every now and again the computer says that it can't find the hard drive.

I can be using the PC, it will lock up, I switch it off and straight back on again. The PC then tells me it can't find 'The Primary Master' and will then go no further into logging back on.

This however appears to be an intermitant error, as somethimes I can use it no problem.

Any ideas anyone, the pC is out of warranty and I am not sure who I can now contact to get it resolved.


  powerless 13:31 10 Mar 2003

It "could" be the first signs of a HDD failure. So i would bckup all of the important stuff.

Could also be a dodgy internal connection. Just take of a side of the PC case locate the HDD and just push the connector in.

  Theonewhowatchesoveryou 13:31 10 Mar 2003

could be the battery going, when it has been switched off for a while the cmos loses the info, easy to change and cheap. Or perhaps a loose lead? to the h/drive. Just suggestions no doubt someone will suggest a better solution

  Dunk 1 15:11 10 Mar 2003

Thanks for the help so far.

Not being a techinical genius, I can just about take the side off of the PC, but what should I be looking for to locate the hard drive and any loose conections.

Also the hard drive is only about 2 years old and I am not an extensive user. Could the hard drive fail in this case?

I have various pictures on the PC and no ability to burn onto CD, are there others ways I can save these pictures if the hard drive is about to fail, and I presume therefore everything will then be lost.

  Theonewhowatchesoveryou 15:45 10 Mar 2003

Ok, first run a full scandisk this will tell you if you have any dodgy clusters on the hard drive, if it reports no bad clusters then the chances are the hard drive is ok, as has been suggested may jaust be a case of a loose lead, when youtake the side of the h/d is usually situated at the top of the case (i.e above the cd-rom) their will be 2 leads going into the back of it, the smallest one is the power cable and the biggest (longest) is the ide caple. fully push these home as sometimes the leads just get loose.

  anchor 17:11 10 Mar 2003

I was having a similar problem and contacted Evesham support. They said that a loose lead was probably the cause, and made the same recommendations.

Curiously, since a reformat and re-installing everything a week ago, I have not been seeing the problem. If I do, I will try checking the connections.

  Dunk 1 20:34 10 Mar 2003

I have checked all leads and all appeared fine.

PC is working at present, however as recomended by another user I have scanned the hard drive.

It gets stuck when it 'Scans Disk Surface (Data Area). Cluster 26,219 of 1,250,636.

I have tried scanning three times and each time it sticks around this point. I have ticked the box that says Automatically fix errors but this does not seem to help

Any ideas what this means if anything?

  Dunk 1 09:07 11 Mar 2003

I have again turned the PC on this morning and again it is working. It seems to just need a rest at night!

Can anyone confirm what I need to do if the PC will not complete Scan Disk.

Also is it possible to copy from my old hard drive to a new one. I am trying to save the data on the old hard drive before the whole lot is lost. I do not have the ability to burn at present which obviously could be the simple solution.

Any advice would be appreaciated

  powerless 09:42 11 Mar 2003

When your computer is starting keep tapping the F8 key and you will given an options screen...

Choose SAFE MODE...

It will look funny but if you run scandisk from there it will complete (hopefully).

If tapping th F8 key does not give you an options screen tap the F5 key or the left Ctrl key when the computer starts.

  Theonewhowatchesoveryou 19:17 11 Mar 2003

I believe that when scandisk finds bad clusters it will offer to either fix them or it will mark them as bad so that they cannot be written to, try a full de-frag as well, if this does not work then assume the h/d is knackered or on the way out, you say that you have got a new h/d so it should not be to much of a problem to drag/drop your saved files etc to the new one. All of the programmes etc you have got installed will need to be re-installed, a pain I know but at least you will get a "clean system" you will be suprised how much faster it will run!! any probs post back we will help you through it

  anchor 19:32 11 Mar 2003

One other thought if the problem continues, open your bios and set the default.

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