My computer keeps freezing during gaming

  Sonyboy123 15:05 30 Nov 2013

Hello. When I play computer games my computer just freezes. It remains turned on and the sound is playing like a bees buzzing. It happens only when playing. My computer is 1 year old and it could run crysis 3 at normal when we just bought it. This problem started to occur this summer and i was sure it was overheat. But now, when it is cold and i usually sit in a coat when playing, it still freezes. I have to push reset button to make it response again. I have used the advanced system care and there are no viruses. Please, I really want to play games like i could in the past

  rdave13 15:14 30 Nov 2013

It sounds as your CPU is overheating. You will need to carefully clean out the dust in the case, especially around the cooling fins for the CPU. I use a small artist's brush and hold a vacuum cleaner nozzle near by. Just need to be careful.

  nickf 17:14 30 Nov 2013

Could be GPU or PSU . Try benchtesting the GPU and compare with other results for the same card .What GPU are you using ?

  Sonyboy123 17:30 30 Nov 2013

I do not think it is overheating because i just cleaned my pc inside and fans, the room is cold and it is no hot around the fans when computer freezes

  Sonyboy123 17:30 30 Nov 2013

i am sorry but what is GPU and PSU?

  rdave13 18:36 30 Nov 2013

GPU is the graphics card. PSU is the power supply unit. If you've juat cleaned the insides, use something like Core Temp just to monitor the CPU temps. It could be thermal paste problems. If it could be the PSU then check event viewer, once opened click 'Event viewer (local)' top left, under 'summary of admin events' expand any Critical faults then double click and see the description you get under the Gerneral tab. That might give a clue. Also check device manager for errors.

  nickf 18:44 30 Nov 2013

Sorry about that , been writing about computers all day , got into habit of abbreviating everything . You can go to futuremarks web page and download there free test software. Do you know what graphics card you are using ?

  Sonyboy123 18:53 30 Nov 2013

my core temps are around 40 degrees C.

  rdave13 18:56 30 Nov 2013

When playing games or idle? My idle temp is 32. Check event viewer and device manager.

  Sonyboy123 18:57 30 Nov 2013

where can i get my graphics card info?

  Sonyboy123 18:58 30 Nov 2013

When playing its 40 degrees. I just tried to play dead island....I could run it on max with no lags and freezes in the all set to low and computer freezing....

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