My computer keeps crashing/freezing!

  BEN055 14:25 21 Sep 2005

I've got an athlon 2000 with 512MB RAM. About 18 months ago it started to randomly crash or freeze after start up. I wouldn't be doing anything in particular. If I switched off and then back on then it would start up fine. Occasionally a few stranger things would happen, e.g. the screen going all jumbled, but again switching off and on seemed to fix it. Basically, I recently moved my computer and since then, this has been happening a lot more regularly. I now can't start up my computer without going through the rigmarole of turning the computer off and on again up to ten times. I haven't installed any new software or hardware recently.
I checked through the event viewer and there are loads of error messages referring to a bad block on the hard drive + each time there has been a start up problem there are 3 errors: the first mentions the nVidia WDA A/V crossbar service, the second says the nVidia capture service failed to start and the third talks about another video capture service.
As you can probably tell I don't have a clue what all this means. I'm not particularly bothered about reinstalling windows or replacing the hard drive if needs be as I have all my important data backed up.
One other thing, for some reason my computer doesn't seem to be too hot on system restore. I've tried creating system restore points in the past but it won't let me and when I look for system restore points there are none there.

  BurrWalnut 14:49 21 Sep 2005

As you have physically moved the PC the first thing to check is all the connections for tightness - and whilst inside the case, remove the dust and grime.

  NoobSaibot 15:50 21 Sep 2005

Check your memory modules, are they inserted properly. Do a thorough check inside the case, that is, your wiring to the hard dive and all the other cables. Moving the system sometimes disrupts the installed harware. You have mentioned that there are some errors in your event viewer, can you please post them.

What windows are using? Have you tried logging in safe mode then try the system restore. Run virus scanner, ad and spyware removers. Check disk for errors.Have you installed a new programme or software recently.

If you are not at all sure about the problem then i would suggest reinstalling the windows.

  woodchip 16:19 21 Sep 2005

Do you, or have you, ever done a Disc check???????

Double click My computer Right click C:\Drive choose tools Disc Check

  Vashti 16:20 21 Sep 2005

I am running windows ME and my computer keeps freezing when I am trying to work in outlook express or sometimes my Kodak easyshare software. I get sort pink lines all along the top of my screen and no error message. I turn off and turn on again. I also get a jumbled up screen on startup at times. I have outlook 2000 installed. I have also just installed homechoice broadband and installed the latest kodiak software version 5. I have tried all the system checks and defragged etc. Any ideas on my system problems please.

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