My computer has started talking to me

  JaneAttwood 13:53 27 May 2009

Suddenly there are soundbites emanating from my computer. They sound like clips from sporting events or radio broadcasts.

What is going on? How do I stop it?

  bigdavey 14:24 27 May 2009

sounds like popup ads running in the background or minimised. run superantispyware, if you have it, and if you don't it is free to download and should eliminate the problem!

  woodchip 15:09 27 May 2009

No I think you are picking up radio Signals, this can happen if a coil like in a mic is wound to a frequency of sound. so try removing any external hardware first also turn mic off or disable it

  tullie 15:50 27 May 2009

Could also mean that your going mad.We all talk to our computers now and then,it should be allowed to talk back.

  JaneAttwood 15:57 27 May 2009

Tullie - I take your point but I have a dog - I talk to him - and in any event the computer is not talking to me (which I wouldn't mind) it is shouting rubbish!

Where can I find the superantispyware thing please?

And is that why - whenever I click on a website in Google, lots of others popo up before I get the one I want?

  bjh 16:14 27 May 2009

... guaranteed to get one's attention.

It sounds like a spyware infection. Yes, that's why all these other pages pop up with a Google search, and one of them is "talking" to you... Plenty of free and safe software to try...

click here is highly recommended. Click ion the free download on the left hand side.

Superantispyware used to be my favourite... malwarebytes now is. No reason not to run one, then the other. Superantispyware is at click here
and again choose the free version.

Run one or both, they are comprehensive and clear to use. Post back if any problems remain.

Good luck!

  JaneAttwood 16:27 27 May 2009

Thanks you guys - I love this site - it is brilliant for people like me who know nothing about computers and understand even less :-)

  laurie53 20:17 27 May 2009

Happened to me too.

Then I found out I had inadvertently turned the speakers back on and I was just getting normal announcements!

(I normally have the speakers permanently muted as I'm in a quiet environment)

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