my computer does not work

  akin_ralph 20:18 09 May 2005

Each time i tried to on my computer system it opens the set up option and i have not been able to use it for some time now
Does any one have an idea of what has gone wrong?

  jimv7 20:22 09 May 2005

Every time you tried to 'what' more information please. operating system, what you were trying to do.

  lotvic 22:26 09 May 2005

as jimv7 says,

Please tell us more details - the more information the better we can help.

Does the pc start up normally then go wrong or what?

Is it XP or Windows 98se Operating System?

  diy 22:52 09 May 2005

Have you left a CD in the computer so that it boots from this or autoplays on start up?

  akin_ralph 12:16 10 May 2005

After i press the start button,the system ask for bootable it does not boot at all.
how do i get a bootable disk

  Switcher 12:29 10 May 2005

Sounds like it does not recognise your hard drive as a system disk. Or does not recognise it at all. What is your operating system. You can use a windows 98 start disk as a boot disk. will will start the PC in dos mode.

  woodchip 12:42 10 May 2005

Are you on Windows 98 or WinME or WinXP?

  Kate B 12:45 10 May 2005

Have you got a CD or a floppy in one of the drives? It sounds as though your computer is set to boot from one of those drives first rather than the hard drive. If so, take the disk out and with a bit of luck the computer will then boot from the hard disk and all will be fine.

  akin_ralph 20:03 10 May 2005

My computer use windows98

  woodchip 20:13 10 May 2005

Now we know. Go hear for a floppy disc click the Tenth file down. click here after download Put a Floppy disc in the computer, and double click on the File you downloaded. it will make a Boot floppy to start your computer and get it to A:\>

When it's at A:\> type C: press enter. at

C:\> type WINDOWS press enter. at

C:\WINDOW> type SCANREG /RESTORE press enter. you should get a Restore list of Registry dates of when it last booted OK. Now use arrow keys to scroll and put a old date back then press enter. Note the space before /RESTORE

  woodchip 20:15 10 May 2005

Sory about that but at C:\> type


then press enter

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