My computer deletes files on it's own

  Figheter 22:24 03 Dec 2016

Basically every time I install a game or anything onto one of my hardrives it works perfectly fine for a few hours when I go off the app and come back to it later on through the day it's missing random files this also happens a lot when I turn my computer off and back on random files will be gone and my application will bring up errors I do not understand I have factory reset my computer reformatted my ssd and my 2tb hardrive which I have noticed I only have the problem with the 2tb hardrive I've checked for viruses spyware etc there is nothing there the only thing I can think of is that the hardrive is broken I am sick of having to reinstall games apps because off this issue I would just like a answer if it is broken or if I can resolve this issue please help thank you

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