My computer is DEAD!!!

  minter 11:20 13 Jun 2003

Have just built a computer from scratch.
I now have a major problem - it won't start.
When I swith on all the fans start, the LEDs light up, but that is all - no beeps, no nothing.
The monitor starts up for about two seconds then goes back onto standby.
It will not switch off with the on/off swith, or the reset switch, on the front panel, I have to switch off at the psu switch.
I did drop the processor, took a week to straighten all the pins but it looks ok and drops into the socket.
Anyone got any suggestions, I do not want to buy a new processor unless I have to.

  Gongoozler 11:37 13 Jun 2003

Hi minter. You need to get back to basics.

First, if you can beg, borrow or otherwise obtain a digital voltmeter, you can check that the power supply is working by measuring the volts on a spare drive connector.

Then disconnect or remove all the drives and cards from the motherboard, leaving only the processor and minimum memory. If you can then get a POST beep, you will know that the motherboard, memory and processor are working. If you suspect the processor may be damaged, then if it's an Athlon, you can get a Duron to fit for about £20 and this will prove the other bits.

The power supply gets its on-off command via the motherboard ATX connector. Have you double and triple checked the switch connector and the ATX power connector? Have you also checked that none of the motherboard tracks have shorted to the case? You can confirm this when all the drives and cards are removed by unscrewing the motherboard from the case and standing it on a sheet of cardboard.

  AndySD 11:39 13 Jun 2003

Try just one stick of RAM... and make sure its seated properly.

  Bodi 12:08 13 Jun 2003

When connecting your floppy disk drive, if you have misaligned the pins on the power connecter this will cause this problem. Check the power supply connection to your floppy disk - if this is ok:

1) Reseat your graphics card and memory modules. AndySD suggestion is a good one - one memory stick at a time (if you have more than one)

2) Gently remove your CPU and re-check the pins. You may have snapped one when inserting the chip into the socket, if you bent them.

Only suggestions - hope they help.


  Bodi 12:10 13 Jun 2003

Sorry if your fan's start (should change my glasses) it won't be the floppy drive shorting.

  illegaleagle 19:43 13 Jun 2003

i had exactly the same problem on mine and it was a case of the board not being seated correctly on the plastic jumpers thus shorting it somewhere along the line.

reseated it and it was fine, but have heard that incorrectly seated boards will more than lkely fry...

  y_not 20:56 13 Jun 2003

Just maybe.......reading the posting (twice) you say that the power & reset switches don't work.

Possibly the CPU is a red herring - try unplugging the led/power etc. cables (bottom front of the board) and, if your eyes are as bad as mine, use a magnifying glass to re-connect them all - absence of beeps could be speaker wires on wrong and from that point on all the switches will be wrong.

Hope I'm right (not cause I want to be but cause its the easiest/cheapest fix)

Good luck


first thing i would check is the memory if more than 1 stick try pulling 1 out then the other, is it the same speed as the fsb? also try reseting the cmos.

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